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Millennials Join Blacks, Flee Cities

A few months ago I wrote about Blacks fleeing northern cities–now it appears that millennials are doing so as well.  The indispensable Joel Kotkin at Newgeography points out that recent census data shows young whites moving out of the cities and into the distant suburbs around the country, bucking predictions that they would abandon the dull suburbs of their youth for the excitement of the inner city. This trend is especially pronounced in large, blue Northern cities such as the decaying rust belt cities of Detroit and Cleveland, but can also be seen in extremely hip New York and San Francisco.  Even Boston, the college rich Hub of the Universe, lost 40 percent of its young adult population over the past decade. The utopia of the Blue urbanists may be a bit longer in coming than supporters hoped.

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  • Eddie

    Prof. Mead,
    I enjoy Kotkin’s takedowns of urbanologist myth-making, but I do have a serious concern with the suggested implication of these numbers.
    He does not even bother to mention the possibility these #’s are seriously inflated by the increasing popularity (or necessity) of multi-generational households. Parents are not packing up their homes in the suburbs to move in with the kid downtown when times get tough. With poor job opportunities for recent college graduates nearly the entire decade, especially the last 3-4 years, I think this number is inflated dramatically by the need for 20-somethings to face facts and move back in with Mom & Dad either immediately after graduation as a hedge or soon thereafter.

  • Luke Lea

    Joel was kind enough to publish my ideas on how we might go about constructing a new small-town America on the exurban fringes of our major metropolitan areas. Nobody’s listening though 😉

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