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Via Meadia Update

In response to readers’ requests, Via Meadia short posts now have comments enabled. Everyone is welcome to join the discussion but please observe the rules.

For other insights, reactions, or recommendations, always feel free to email us at

If you look at the blog roll, you can see that it, too, has been updated.  The blog roll includes blogs I read — not always blogs I agree with or endorse.  We will continue to update it; readers are welcome to contact me through the ViaMeadia email above with suggestions.

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  • Brock

    My favorite part about the new short posts is that I can share them more easily. Most people I know aren’t interested in these topics enough to read the long essays, but they’ll read dropped knowledge nuggets as long as they’re bite-size.

  • Mrs. Davis

    The short posts are great. Give the interns an attaboy.

  • Bruno Behrend

    Just curious, why did you get rid of the Disqus comment platform?

  • Damir Marusic

    Never had it properly installed—it went semi-live on the servers by mistake. We may implement it in the future when I get my head wrapped around it. Is it something you’d like to see?

  • Bruno Behrend

    Yes, I like Disqus because I can go back to my account and see my entire history of comments across all Disqus blogs.

    It eases the number of logins as well.

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