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Gaza Floptilla Folds Like A Cheap Suit

The lonely vessel carrying three crew members, three journalists and ten anti-Israel activists toward Gaza is being carried peacefully to shore in Israel, says the BBC. And so the story of the Great Gaza Floptilla of 2011 comes to an inglorious close.

The organizers seem not to have consulted either maps or common sense.  A quick look at the map shows that Israel cannot blockade Gaza; the territory has a border with Egypt.  And since Gaza’s Hamas government is not prepared to accept Israel’s right to exist, it is not surprising that no commercial and trade treaties exist to permit Gazans to trade with or transport goods in the territory of a state their ruling authorities believe should be destroyed.

“I will destroy your state and drive your people into the sea,” Gaza says to Israel.  “And by the way, can you send in some butter and eggs?”

The Israelis, whose heavy handed and poorly planned response to last year’s protest handed the organizers exactly the kind of moral victory and publicity bonanza they sought, managed things better the second time around; this year’s flotilla has been a string of fiascos.

Future flotilla organizers might try sailing to Alexandria with their protest; if Gaza wants economic relations with Israel, Hamas should accept the two state solution and start a normalization process that would benefit all concerned.

Humanitarians are rightly concerned about the plight of Gazans; they should focus their energy on getting the Gaza authorities to accept the Jewish state’s existence and moving on to build a future for Palestine.

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