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Closet Birther Wins Capote Award At NYT

Rarely does a piece of writing fall as flat as this travel piece that recently limped (it sure didn’t run) in the New York Times.

HONOLULU has never been hotter, and not just because it’s July. The city’s “it” factor has been on the rise since President Obama announced, two years ago in Singapore, that his self-described “home state of Hawaii” would host the 2011 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum. This November, the 21-nation Pacific Rim summit may bring as many as 10,000 people to Waikiki, the renowned Honolulu destination on Oahu’s south shore. While the city primps for the media glare, it also brims with summer’s delights.

All journalists must sometimes spin gold or at least gilt out of straw; few fail this badly.  Words like ‘primp’ exhale the stale air of long dead journalistic cliché; the premise that landing a convention makes a city ‘hot’ is unspeakably lame.  Capote’s verdict stands: “This isn’t writing, it’s typing.”

And why does the author call Hawaii the President’s “self-described” home state?  Is the last Birther holdout in America typing for the New York Times?

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