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It's a Start…

Governor Jerry Brown has signed legislation that mandates that California schools teach gay history.

I know, I know.  California is plain out of money.  The entire educational system from preschool to the University of California is falling apart.  The Supreme Court may force the prisons to release thousands of inmates.  The state’s budget is a laughingstock and its constitution an international joke.  Debt is out of control.  Businesses are fleeing the state so fast that California’s neighbors are growing fat on the spoils.  Surely whatever the merits of mandatory gay history lessons there might be a few higher priority items on the state’s to-do list.

But think of it this way: it’s a start.  Who knows, next the state might require students to know something about American constitutional history, government finance, even some basic math.  These days in California any serious effort to teach anybody anything deserves some respect.

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