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Humanitarian Bombs

Shockingly, the Libyan rebels are not nearly as nice as Human Rights Watch.  Looting, burning, taking revenge — according to the New York Times, Libyan rebels in the western mountains are behaving much like their government opponents.  Maybe NATO should be bombing the rebels to protect pro-government civilians even as it bombs the government to protect the pro-rebel ones.

Wilsonian wars generally work out like this: high noble adventures that somehow turn into ambiguous moral quagmires.  Elites often think that public suspicion of humanitarian interventions reflects the public’s selfish shortsightedness.  Perhaps — but sometimes it is also about common sense.

Don’t get me wrong: the Great Loon needs to go and now that we’re involved we need to push hard.  But does anybody think the administration had any idea what it was getting into here?  “Days not weeks,” I seem to remember someone saying back when everything was still moral and clear.

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