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All The Children Are Above Average

If you are a student at an American private college, you are majoring in the humanities and you have a GPA of 3.75 or less, you are so busted.

A couple of researchers have looked at grading patterns across the country and have found a few facts that employers and parents all over the United States will be steaming about.

43 percent of all grades given in American colleges are “A”s.  Social science grades are higher than grades in science and math.  Humanities grades are higher still.  Grades in private colleges are higher than grades at public universities.  Northern schools give As more freely than southern ones, and prestigious colleges have flabbier standards than their less fashionable rivals.

You can find the report summary here; NPR covers the story here.  To put it in layman’s language, if you are majoring in the humanities at a fancy private college in New England, you have no serious physical or mental disabilities, you are neither holding down a full time job to pay the tuition nor raising a child, and you are getting more than one B per semester, you need to spend less time with the bong and more time with the books — you know, books, those heavy old things they keep in the library.

Parents and employers, take note.

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