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Changes are Coming to Via Meadia

After 22 months of blogging, Via Meadia is getting an upgrade. This blog has primarily served as a platform for long form essays. Despite the allegedly short attention span of the web-reading public and the myriad of sources of intelligent information with whom Via Meadia shares the web, the long form essays have gathered a loyal and interested audience. Everybody here in the sprawling media empire that is Team Mead is very pleased about this, and we hope our readers continue to enjoy (and, sometimes, attack) the ideas and arguments that appear on these posts.

But so much is happening these days that there isn’t time to write a long essay about everything worth noting. Events are moving so quickly that too many crucial developments pass without comment or notice; if Via Meadia is going to fulfill its core mission of helping readers understand the world better and act more effectively in it, then we are going to have to step up our game.

My long form essays have touched on a number of trends that I believe are vital to understanding the tumultuous future facing us in the twenty-first century; in order to keep up with the world and generate meaningful discussion on these ideas, Team Mead is helping me to add a “fast lane” to Via Meadia. The fast lane will be an ongoing daily feed featurng short posts with links to news, reports, stories, and analysis across the web that in my judgment constitute the genuinely important developments of the day. The Team will help me find the links and the stories that merit comment, but every post that appears on Via Meadia (unless clearly otherwise indicated) comes from me.

You, dear reader, can help. Tell us about bugs, appearance issues, formatting problems, and grammar mistakes, or simply tell us if you like what we’ve done, or don’t. Email us at Comment on our “quick takes”. Send us your thoughts, ideas, and observations. We’ll be listening.

You’ll also notice a couple other changes to the blog. The sidebar has changed to feature my most recent in-depth essays at the top. Scroll down a little and you’ll find a drop-down menu for Categories, a great new feature that, if you choose a certain category, takes you to a dedicated page for “Environment” or “Politics” and many others.

Those of you who like Via Meadia the way it is—don’t worry. The long posts aren’t going away. The response has been so strong and the interest so intense that I will continue writing essays until I run out of opinions. So far, no shortage has appeared.

We hope you like the new Via Meadia. Look out tomorrow evening for a longer post on “Life in the Fast Lane”. Happy reading.

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