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Reviews What’s God Got to Do with Religion?

A believer and an atheist seek out their antitheses. Do they meet somewhere in the middle, or pass in the murk of half-baked pseudo-syntheses?

Published on June 17, 2014
My Bright Abyss: Meditations of a Modern Believerby Christian WimanFarrar, Straus and Giroux, 2013, 192 pp., $24
Ronald Dworkin - Religion
Religion Without Godby Ronald DworkinHarvard University Press, 2013192 pp., $17.95
These days we seem to have trouble conducting genuine conversations about religious belief. Americans in particular are adept at monologues; we excel at parallel soliloquies expositing our irreconcilable credos, after which we turn away from one another in a dialogical version of post-coital tristesse. But an actual, vulnerable, exchange about divergent fundamental commitments and the...