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Far-Right Rising
Chances of Brexit Rise as Migrant Crisis Roils EU

The migrant crisis increasingly looks like it could break the EU, with euroskepticism on the rise as the crisis continues. The biggest news: The chances of a Brexit are up, with a poll by ICM putting support for leaving the EU at 40 percent, with 43 percent in favor of staying and 17 percent undecided. The poll gives the pro-union camp an edge—unlike the Survation poll earlier this month that found a majority of respondents favored leaving—but that lead has narrowed from 11 percent to just 3 percent. The uptick in support for a Brexit comes after a change in the way the poll question was worded, but the reason for the change appears to be the migrant crisis.

And the UK isn’t the only country seeing knock-on effects from the crisis. Euroskeptics are also picking up steam in Germany. We noted in yesterday’s newsletter that support for Germany’s far-right AfD party rose to 5.5 percent in a recent poll, even as Angela Merkel’s coalition was down to 40 percent approval, a loss of 1.5 percent. But today another poll shows that AfD is tied in Saxony with the SPD, a party that belongs to Merkel’s coalition. Both are polling at 13 percent in that region.

If you haven’t read it yet,  Alina Polyakova’s latest feature for us is an excellent account of how far-right parties have benefited from the EU’s ineptitude: 

And the migrant crisis convulsing Europe these days is only likely to strengthen the allure of the far-right’s pitch, even as Europe’s elites continue to remain obstinately deaf and blind to its appeal. “Our answer [to the migrant crisis] must be in line with our history and our values, in line with what Europe is about,” Europe’s Economic Commissioner Pierre Moscovici said as hundreds of thousands of refugees poured into Euope. “To be European means to care about humanity and to care about human rights. […] When the world and Europe face such a drama, the answer should never be nationalistic. Never to close borders, never to renounce our values. Never.” Alas, fervently wishing for something does not make it so. Just yesterday, Germany “temporarily” exited the Schengen zone and started requiring passport checks on its border with Austria.

The far-right is licking its chops as the EU struggles to come up with a coherent response to the refugee crisis.


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  • JR

    Pierre Moscovici either needs to put out the blunt, OR pass that thing around. Because bogarting it is causing him to say really stupid things.

  • qet

    Ah yes, survey polls, the bedrock of our social science which our President has just mandated be the formal basis for all policy. Survey polls, the basis for a positivist epistemology where minor variations in wording can entirely change the content of what is accorded the status of “known.” Survey polls, once known by another name: propaganda.

  • Pete

    What they call a ‘migrant crisis’ is actually a muslim invasion of Europe.

  • CapitalHawk

    It is interesting that a person who thinks that the country in which he lives should be able to control its borders and decide who enters and who does not is labeled as “far-right”. I suppose if he went one more step and said that people who enter illegally should be denied welfare payments and free housing he would be labeled as “far-far-right”. And of course, if he thinks they should be deported, he is just a straight up Nazi.

    • megapotamus

      Word up. Forward.

  • Robert Burke

    The fix for the UK and France… is to defund “Progressive-Retardnation” worldview education in their K-12, university and especially Journalism Schools. In its place should be the pedagogy of Western Enlightenment’s “Tragic-Liberty” worldview.

    This actually could also fix Germany, Africa, India, China, Japan.

    One thing for sure, they’d get rid of Central Planning Central Bankers, money-printing, et al.

    Lastly, by fixing Journalism, the world would get news folk with intelligent, problem-solving-in-a-humane-and-quick-way… eyes & ears, not blindly programmed cheerleaders of everything lunatic.

    So again, the answer is to defund “Progtard” education, and restore “Tragic-Liberty” worldview understanding and wisdom and behavior planet wide. This fixes everything.

  • catorenasci

    The last time the European hegemon allowed vast numbers of non-European refugees into Europe didn’t work out so well. The barbarian tribes were fleeing economic disaster and warfare to their East. The well intentioned permission to cross the Danube and settle in the Roman Empire gave us the predations of the Goths, Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Vandals, and ultmately the Huns. Didn’t work out so well for Rome or the rest of the West. And, now the European hegemon wants to do it again, with even more barbaric peoples…..

  • megapotamus

    ‘Far-right’ seems to mean anyone who thinks there is any constraint, of any sort on the influx of millions of Muslim peasants into Europe including their financial support in perpetuity. I think you will see a growth and movement to where the ‘far-right’ becomes the clear consensus. Fellow babies interested in what is really going on, in Europe and the US as regards Islamic immivasion should subscribe to this. Forward.

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