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Europe's Great Wave
Europe’s Refugee Crisis Is Also a Migrant Crisis
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  • Silverfiddle

    The future belongs to the brave and strong.

    The west is neither anymore.

  • mdmusterstone

    Nick, you haven’t said anything that everyone didn’t already
    know!?? Your article is so self evident
    and superficial that one wonders if it isn’t meant to bait the readers. I take the bait (smiling broadly).

    The Magna Carta was signed in 1215, it took 800 years of
    miss steps, wars, etc., to arrive where we are today. It required and requires a breathtaking
    amount of courage and self sacrifice. Forgotten
    apparently, is that what the West has accomplished is such a tiny blip on the
    radar screen of history, is such a minuscule boat on a sea of cruelty,
    fecklessness and misuse of power that it is a wonderment that it survived, and
    how close it came even as late as the 20th century, and yet, and yet it breeds “men
    without chests” that don’t have the courage to defend it, not even a
    pretense thereof. Defend? EU administrators (it would turn the stomach
    of a hyena to call it leadership) are too craven to even put any portion of
    this crisis to a referendum.

    Worse, what lies ahead, and it isn’t very difficult to see,
    is a great bloody catastrophe lead by someone who may not have a toothbrush mustache
    but will be recognizable by deeds none the less–another 30 Years War foreshortened
    nuclearly? Millions will suffer death
    and at the end the last of Western Civilization will have been wiped out. And for what exactly, what exactly? There’s your next article Nick, “It will all be worth it because… “

    • Silverfiddle

      Yes indeed. The West is a hollowed-out husk ‘led’ by hollow men and women (to the graveyard of history). We are financially, morally and intellectually bankrupt.

      Can anyone provide an argument, or any shred of anecdotal evidence from past experience that this migration will result in a better Europe?

  • mdmusterstone

    Oops forgot to include this link to a vid of the refugees
    that you won’t see in many places. It works best if you paste into Google. After you’ve watched it do the words arrogant
    and completely self absorbed come to mind?

  • mdmusterstone

    Double oops that I find I can’t past a link. Anyway, it’s been taken down, if you would have seen it you would know why.

  • Beauceron

    We are witnessing the death of the West.

    It’s sad. But then it’s important to remember that the West didn”t die of natural causes, it was murdered. Thank you, Leftists!

    • Silverfiddle


  • qet

    As I suggested in a comment to another TAI article, while professional “policy analysts” like to hide behind sonorous (at least to other professional “policy analysts”) phrases like “revamped foreign policy” and “increased border security” which are devoid of all content (this void ought to be perfectly clear even to the most bookish scholars in view of current events), every conceivable permutation of “policy” reduces to just two alternatives: keep them out, or let them in. To keep them out, you will have to physically confront and handle them. Handle, as in touch, grab, push; possibly shoot with rifles, shotguns and other such weapons. “Them” being women, children, the elderly (even if these categories are only a minority, they will represent a majority of the recorded images). All of this will be on the Internet in real time and for years afterward, provoking all of the various categories of “activists” to engage in constant denunciation and complaint. No parliamentary democratic political system can withstand that activist onslaught.

    The Romans were far less sensitive to rough handling of others than we are and even they could not prevent being overwhelmed, displaced and eventually extinguished as a polity by the successive waves of Alemanni, Goths, Vandals and the rest.

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