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After the Greek Bailout
After Bailout, Europe Worries about Far Right and Far Left
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  • Pete

    Tusk: “I have no doubt frugality is an absolutely fundamental value and a reason why Europe is the most prosperous part of the world.”

    Earth to Tusk. The reason Europe has the prosperity that it does is becasue America has been picking up its defense bill for the last 60-years. It will be interesting to see how the elite Eurotrash try to manage when the U.S. starts pulling back, which is only a matter of time.

  • Andrew Allison

    First, consider the source: the European Council, of which Tusk is President defines the EU’s overall political direction and priorities. Like any other bureaucracy, its overriding priorities are survival and expansion (and to hell with the taxpayer), thus was essential that Greece stay. The political contagion which Tusk, Draghi and Junker, rightly, fear is the dawning realization among the citizenry that the supranational organizations which they head are purely self-interested. If voters are forced to adopt radical options to fix this, it will be because the organizations, not the radicals, are anti-democratic.

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