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Europe's Immigration Crisis
Western Europe to Migrants: Keep Out

As Europe struggles to deal with its immigration crisis, a majority of citizens in France, Germany, Italy, and Britain favor the cessation of the Schengen Agreement, which allows for free movement across borders of the 22 member-states of the European Union plus Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein. From The Telegraph:

The IFOP poll, conducted in several European countries and published in the newspaper Le Figaro, shows 67 per cent of the French would like to reinstate border controls. […]

“Schengen must be suspended immediately and replaced by a Schengen II which member-countries could only join if they first agree to the same immigration policy,” [Former French Prime Minster] Mr [Nicolas] Sarkozy said recently. “Europe is not meant to organise social and migratory dumping.”

The inflow of refugees from war-torn and politically unstable countries across the Middle East and Africa threatens to imperil what is a pillar of the European Union’s social and economic structure. The dissolution of the Schengen would be highly disruptive for local economies in border towns, such as those along the Rhine, which often have large percentages of their working populations living in neighboring countries a short drive away. About 45 percent of the working population of Luxembourg, for example, travels across national borders on their daily commutes.

Insofar as it makes it easier for refugees, once in Europe, to choose and enter countries with (relatively) little hindrance, it is unsurprising to see this frustration with the Schengen in Western Europe. Yet, while there’s no easy answer as to how the EU should address the unprecedented surge of asylum-seeking migrants, ending its open border policy is a bad one.

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  • Pete

    “Yet, while there’s no easy answer as to how the EU should address the unprecedented surge of asylum-seeking migrants, ending its open border policy is a bad one.”

    What! No easy answer?

    How about 1) immediately sending the illegals back from whence they came, 2) intercepting the illegals at sea and towing them back to their home, and 3) taking aggressive steps to crack down on the human traffickers.

    • CapitalHawk

      Well, those may be the *right* answers, but they aren’t easy because rich, white liberals (who are extremely careful to make sure that *they* never interact with illegals, except when lawn maintenance is needed) would say it was mean of other people to not want to live cheek to jowl with the “undocumented immigrants”. And having rich, white liberals tell you that you are mean is, you know, not easy.

  • Proud Skeptic

    Oh, well…sometimes you have to test previous proven workable policy (like immigration controls) by removing it to see what happens. If you do, though, you had better be ready to put it right back into effect.

    As I watch all of this European stuff in amusement I am grateful that the US hasn’t gone charging down this road (not legally, at least). At the same time, what I think we can expect is that when Europe slams on the brakes and starts backpedaling madly on this stuff, our president will still be trying to drag us down this road, oblivious to the realities elsewhere.

  • Tom_Tildrum

    It’s worth remembering that the Europeans, and the French in particular, brought this situation on themselves by reducing Libya to lawless chaos.

    • fastrackn1

      The people of Libya have been there for thousands of years and have contributed nothing to themselves or mankind. What the hell have they been waiting for?
      Don’t blame others for the Libyan peoples cultural and genetic ineptitude….

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    “ending its open border policy is a bad one.”

    I don’t see this at all. Each Citizen receives a national inheritance from their national ancestors. In the broadest sense this not only includes publicly owned infrastructure like roads, schools, and ports, but also the local businesses supported by their custom, and most important an expectation of jobs and wages from the economy their ancestors built. Immigrants steal this inheritance, taking jobs, lowering wages, overtaxing the infrastructure, and enjoying the inheritance of Citizens to which they are NOT entitled.

    • rheddles

      Depends on your perception and conception of the “nation”. Is it a tribe, a clan or all of humanity?

  • זאב ברנזון

    it is easy to be pro immigration in america where the human material that emigrates is Mexican at worst
    and Chinese and Indian at best
    Europe Israel and Australia get the Islamist trash from the bottom of the human barrel no wonder nationalist anti emigration feelings run supreme

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