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Diplomacy du jour
India Buys Israel Flowers

The Israeli-Indian relationship continues to warm with a state visit this week by top Indian officials to Jerusalem. The visit comes on the heels of New Delhi’s decision to abstain from a recent vote in the UN Human Rights Council to censure Israeli. As a matter of policy and history, the country would have been expected to vote ‘yes.’  The Times of Israel reports on what it is calling an outright détente:

“The Israeli-India relationship has been growing steadily for many years now. Since the coming into power of the government headed by Narenda Modi there is a visible turn for the better, a moving from improvement to an upgrade,” said Mark Sofer, a deputy director-general at Israel’s foreign ministry and a former ambassador to India. “But there’s so much more that the two countries can and will do together for the benefit of the Israeli and Indian peoples.”

Modi, who is expected in Israel later this year in what would be a historic first visit of an Indian prime minister, has accelerated the rapprochement with Jerusalem. While strong defense and business ties existed before he came to power in April 2014, he made the relationship much more visible.

Israeli and Indian interests have aligned in a number of key ways for years now  not least over arms; Israel’s got ’em, India needs ’em. But the two countries have become increasingly vocal about their friendship, and the latest incidents highlighted by The Times of Israel show the leaders of the two countries offering some of their most public displays of geopolitical affection yet.

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  • Wulf2000

    Maybe India is changing its political and military strategy because of the non-stop Islamic terror in Kashmir.

    • GS

      The best that India could hope for is to do an Ataturk-like Turk/Greek decoupling, and to send its 200 million moslems to Pakistan [if need be, together with Kashmir – it would be worth it].

  • George Von Herman

    I like the double-entendre title of this post

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