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Shake That Saber
Putin’s Nuclear Megaphone

Yesterday, Putin was rattling the nuclear saber by threatening to put Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad, on the Baltic, in response to the U.S. plan to put armor in the region. Today, he’s waving that saber around in the air. Reuters:

“More than 40 new intercontinental ballistic missiles able to overcome even the most technically advanced anti-missile defense systems will be added to the make-up of the nuclear arsenal this year,” Putin, flanked by army officers, said in a speech to a military and arms fair. […]

“The feeling is that our colleagues from NATO countries are pushing us into an arms race,” RIA news agency quoted Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov as saying on the sidelines of the arms fair.

This week’s escalating rhetoric about nukes is a new low, and one that demonstrates how far south the relationship between Russia and the West has gone under a U.S. President who rose to fame and Nobel laureate status based on his nonproliferation chops and amid promises of a “reset” with Russia.

It’s now more than fair to call the reset an abject failure, not least because this is hardly the first time Russia has pulled out the nuclear blackmail trick. In March, the country’s ambassador to Denmark threatened nuclear strikes on Danish warships if Copenhagen signed on with a NATO missile defense shield—a move that, like this latest threat, was aimed at driving a wedge between NATO member countries. As we wrote at that time, the Kremlin is keenly aware of the billions it spends on Russia’s massive nuclear arsenal. Since Putin can’t actually use the things as weapons, and he can’t get rid of them, he can at least use them as a megaphone. That seems to be what he is doing now—but that, of course, doesn’t make the threat that nuclear standoffs pose to the world any less real.

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  • Andrew Allison

    Putin appears to have forgotten what happened the last time Russia was pushed into an arms race with the West, namely the collapse of the former Soviet Union. His irresponsible expenditure on armaments is doing far more harm to the Russian economy than the Western sanctions — unless, of course, he’s bluffing about that too.

    • Kevin

      A fair point – but I wonder if it conflates Purin’s interests and those of Russia. Putin thrives on a state if ever escalating tensions – without that the Russians would look around and see the economic and moral wreckage he and his kleptocratic buddies have left in their wake. Even knowing he will eventually lose an arms race with Europe, he has little choice but to continue riding that tiger.

      • Сергей

        Kevin, the US has used economic blackmail against Cuba, Iran, North Korea – and what is the result? You got enemies – such a result. You need Russia as an enemy – you’ve already got. You can be happy.

        Кевин, США использовали экономический шантаж по отношению к Кубе, Ирану, Северной Корее – и какой результат? Вы получили себе врагов – такой результат. Вам нужно Россия как враг – вы это уже получили. Можете быть довольны.

    • fastrackn1

      You said the same exact thing that I would have.

      As they say…those who forget history are destined to repeat it….

    • evangelical

      Chernobyl was most responsible for the collapse of the USSR…you’re just a bit too dumb to talk geopolitics.

      • fastrackn1

        Andrew, click on this guy’s Full Profile to see his comments….a real intelligent and worthy contributor to the blogosphere we have here, huh?….

        • Andrew Allison

          Why bother, the comment is ridiculous on its face. FWIW, my Russian bride, who left in disgust when it became clear that Perestroika was a joke, picniced at Chernobyl with her then husband and child before the exclusion zone was set up (happily w/o ill-effects). We know a thing or two about the former Soviet Union and its successors. What’s really amazing, but not entirely surprising, is that the FSB is actually paying people to write such transparently stupid comments.

          • fastrackn1

            “the FSB is actually paying people to write such transparently stupid comments.”

            Yeah, now that you mention it it explains some of the mass pro Russian and anti-American commentary on certain articles regarding Russia or Putin. Sometimes they swamp an article with comments in an effort to boost Russia or Putin.
            So that explains that…it did seem kind of fishy.

            Thanks for the tip….

          • Andrew Allison

            I should have added that such comments should be flagged.

          • Сергей

            Андрюша, ты сам ведешь себя как тролль а других обвиняешь…

          • Andrew Allison

            Мой маленький тролль, где мне взять той травки, которую вы курите?

          • Сергей

            Кури бамбук.

          • f1b0nacc1

            The Chinese pioneered the paid troll tactic, and it is a fairly cost effective one. Of course it tells you more about the current state of the Russian economy than anything else…

          • CapitalHawk

            You sure about that? Ever heard of “Hasbara”? Visit Wikipedia or Google and check it out.

          • f1b0nacc1

            Look up the “50 cent army”…
            Yes, I am well aware that it has been done elsewhere, and done for a long time…if you really want to get into ‘who did it first’, take a peek at the use of similar tactics during the colonial era in North America.

          • CapitalHawk

            Propaganda probably goes back as far as warfare. Although paid online trolls is relatively new, I still think the Israeli’s were the first on the scene. Not that it matters that much.

    • Сергей

      We have not forgotten anything.
      Did you forget – the Soviet Union collapsed after the Cold War ended. USSR collapsed not as a result of the Cold War. Now it’s your lie – United States won the Cold War? USSR abandoned the war. We have not forgotten the humiliation after the Cold War. We extended a hand of friendship – you spit in our faces. We have not forgotten that the United States did not withdraw their troops from Europe after the “end” of the Cold War. We have not forgotten that the United States violated its pledge not to expand NATO. We have not forgotten the US and NATO bombed Belgrade – and then allowed to tear off Kosovo from the country. We have not forgotten the US and its allies have destroyed Libya and Iraq. We see what you’re doing in Syria and Afghanistan. We hear Obama confirmed US participation in the coup in Ukraine. We have not forgotten anything. Russian gritted her teeth, clenched her fists and waiting. As it was so many times in our history.
      Мы ничего не забыли.
      Это вы забыли – СССР развалился после того когда холодная война прекратилась. СССР развалился не в результате холодной войны. Теперь ваша ложь – США выиграли в холодной войне? СССР отказался от этой войны. Мы не забыли унижения после окончания холодной войны. Мы протянули руку дружбы – вы плюёте нам в лицо. Мы не забыли что США так и не вывели свои войска из Европы после “окончания” холодной войны. Мы не забыли что США нарушили свое обещание не расширять НАТО. Мы не забыли как США и НАТО бомбили Белград – а затем позволили оторвать Косово от страны. Мы не забыли как США и их союзники уничтожили Ливию и Ирак. Мы видим что вы делаете в Сирии и Афганистане. Мы слышим когда Обама подтверждает участие США в перевороте на Украине. Мы ничего не забыли. Россия стиснула зубы, сжала кулаки и ждет. Как это было уже много раз в нашей истории.

      • InklingBooks

        Ah, the classic Russian mistake: “We have not forgotten….” repeated over and over again. You don’t merely live in the past, you dwell in it and you obsess over it.

        The result is that you have no future. You are a dying nation with an aging, alcoholic, abortion-decimated population kept going only by ruthlessly exploiting your natural resources. In domestic affairs, your are the pawns of billionaire plutocrats. In foreign affairs, all you can do is rattle your nuclear sabers in the hope that will will create in your neighbors a fear that you confuse with respect.

        Perhaps you should ask yourself if the world will morn your passing.

        –Michael W. Perry, Chesterton on War and Peace: Battling the Ideas and Movements that Lead to Nazism and World War II

        • Сергей

          What kind of nonsense are you writing? Yes, the history of Russia for more than 1,000 years – we have something to remember, and why our country is dying? You yourself understand what you wrote?

          Что за бред ты пишешь? Да истории России уже более 1000 лет – нам есть что помнить и поэтому наша страна умирает? Ты сам понял что ты написал?

      • Andrew Allison

        многабукв – а, понятно, вам платят за каждое слово

        • Сергей

          у меня свой бизнес – дружок. я сам плачу.

        • Mixa

          умному человеку не грех заплатить за слово, а тролля пустого, удовольствие послать.

  • qet

    I’m sorry, too, Vladimir… I’m very sorry… *All right*, you’re sorrier than I am, but I am as sorry as well… I am as sorry as you are, Vladimir! Don’t say that you’re more sorry than I am, because I’m capable of being just as sorry as you are… So we’re both sorry, all right?… All right.

    • lord acton

      Best blog comment EVER!

    • Pete

      Sounds like Dr. Strangelove.

  • Сергей

    What is the reaction of Russia would like to see in the West? Russia must kneel before the power of the United States – we have to wait for democratic NATO bombs? The nuclear potential of Russia is a guarantee of the sovereignty of our country. Western countries need – that Russia would play by the rules that dictate the US and the EU? Russia does not have the printing press of dollars in contrast to the US – Russia does not have the possibility to increase the military budget to the size of the United States.

    Western society inspired – Russia “enemy” Putin “tyrant.” One thing to be done. Now the debate is an illusion (imitation of democratic procedures) – imitation of discussion on how to resist “aggression” in Russia. There are different views – even a military confrontation between opponents of Western countries and Russia. But this time the US and NATO military authorities are continuing their work.

    For example discusses storage of heavy weapons to armored brigade of ground troops of NATO, additional technology is already deployed to Europe last year. If the United States have placed additional weapons a year ago – why it is associated with the current situation in Ukraine? We are talking about the deployment in Europe of about 250 tanks M1 Abrams, infantry fighting vehicles M2 Bradley and 155-mm self-propelled howitzers Paladin. According to the US military command the final decision on the storage of weapons- for the US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter. Today, all the equipment located in Germany. The deployment of missile defense in Poland and Romania as well is not a question of the day – and nothing to do with Ukraine. Ukraine is a tool by which they
    justify their aggressive actions against Russia.

    We must not forget that the US and the EU have supported the coup d’etat in Ukraine to guarantee they even come up with France and Germany – the settlement agreement between Yanukovych and the separatists have been violated, has been a coup d’etat (Yanukovych under the guarantee of France and Germany led the special units from Kiev) – and Where is the guarantee of France and Germany? Now again they pretend that they are trying to solve the issue peacefully in the Ukraine – the responsibility of France, Germany and Poroshenko in case of failure of the Minsk agreement on wine Kiev authorities – of such liability is not – they do not
    answer for anything – point. This game is called to blame Russia. Why are France, Germany and the United States? – They would never meet.

    According to the UN in the recent conflicts in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, etc. – Killed more than one million civilians – who will be responsible for these murders? United States? It’s funny – they do not recognize the international law.

    Today, the US, EU and NATO using its political, economic and military influence to bring the world to the brink of a global war with Russia. We must take this into account and act accordingly.

    Какую реакцию России хотели бы увидеть на западе? Россия должна встать на колени перед могуществом США – мы должны ждать демокартических бомбы НАТО? Ядерный потенциал РФ это гарантия суверенитета нашей страны. Западным странам нужно что бы Россия играла по провилам которые диктуют США и ЕС? У России нет печатного станка долларов в отличии от США – у России нет возможности увеличить военный бюджет до размеров США.

    Западному обществу внушили – Россия “враг” и Путин “тиран”. Одно дело сделано. Теперь идет иллюзия дискуссии (имитация демократических процедур) – имитация обсуждение темы как противостоять “агрессии” России. Существуют различные мнения – даже есть противники военного противостояния западных стран и РФ. Но в это время США и военное руководство НАТО продолжают свое дело.

    Например обсуждается место хранения тяжелых вооружений для бронетанковой бригады сухопутных войск НАТО, дополнительная техника уже переброшена в Европу в прошлом году. Если дополнительное вооружение США разместили год назад – почему это связывают с текущей ситуацией на Украине? Речь идет о размещении в Европе примерно 250 танков M1 Abrams, боевых машин пехоты M2 Bradley и 155-миллиметровых самоходных гаубиц Paladin. По словам военного командования США окончательное решение о месте хранения вооружения – за министром обороны США Эштоном Картером. Сегодня вся
    техника находиться в Германии.
    Развертывание ПРО на территории Польши и Румынии так же не вопрос текущего дня – и Украина здесь не причем. Украина это инструмент с помощью которого они оправдывают свои агрессивные действия по отношению к России.

    Не нужно забывать что именно США и ЕС поддержали переворот на Украине Для переворота они даже придумали гарантии Франции и Германии – мировое соглашение между Януковичем и сепаратистами было нарушено, был совершен государственный переворот (Янукович под гарантии Франции и Германии вывел специальные подразделения из Киева) – и где теперь гарантии Франции и Германии? Сейчас они опять делают вид что пытаются решить вопрос на Украине мирным
    путем – ответственности Франции, Германии и Порошенко в случае срыва минского соглашения по вине Киевских властей – такой ответственности нет – они не отвечают ни за что – точка. Это игра под названием во всем виновата Россия. Зачем здесь Франция, Германия и США? – они ни за что не отвечают.

    По данным ООН в последних конфликтах Ирака, Ливии, Афганистана, Сирии и т.д. – погибло более одного миллиона мирных граждан – кто будет отвечать за эти убийства? США? Это смешно – они не признают международное право.

    Сегодня США, ЕС и НАТО используя свое политическое, экономическое и военное влияние поставили мир на грань глобальной войны с Россией. Мы должны это учитывать и действовать соответствующим образом.

    • Andrew Allison

      The reaction of Russia which the West would like to see is recognition that it has no designs on Russia. The so-called “threat” to Russia from the West is purely propaganda to facilitate the continued enslavement of the Russian people by a succession of Commissars. Do you perchance remember Khrushchev’s, “We will bury you”, and how that worked out? The rest of your comment is simply delusional.

      • Сергей

        The so-called threat? Yugoslavia (war), Iraq (war), Libya (War), Afghanistan (the war), Syria (war), Ukraine (war, coup, instructors), Georgia (war, weapons, instructors). More than a million civilians killed.
        US unilaterally out of the ABM Treaty – and the system is placed along the borders of the Russian Federation. After the Cold War – the United States increased the number of military bases around the world – more than 700 such bases Russia withdrew its troops from Europe – the United States is not. US brings NATO to Russia’s borders. The US military budget is 8 times greater than that of the Russian Federation. At the same time, Obama and his administration to announce our enemy to the United States ….
        US is currently the most dangerous country in the world – that uses its military force for any reason.

        Your improper arrogance (about my delirium) – a stamp of conduct of Western countries (Western society) – Russia’s opinion no one wants to hear. Well gentlemen – we raise our glasses with champagne, play Russian roulette and die beautifully?

        Так называемая угроза? Югославия (война), Ирак (война), Ливия (война), Афганистан (война), Сирия (война), Украина (война, переворот, инструкторы), Грузия (война, вооружение, инструкторы). Более миллиона убитых мирных жителей.
        США в одностороннем порядке выходят из договора ПРО – и размещают систему вдоль границ РФ. После окончания холодной войны – США увеличивают количество военных баз по всему миру – таких баз более 700. Россия вывела свои войска из Европы – США нет. США приближает НАТО к границам РФ. У США военный бюджет в 8 раз больше чем у РФ. В то же время Обама и его администрация объявляют нашу страну врагом США….
        США в настоящий момент самая опасная страна в мире – которая применяет свою военную силу по любому поводу.

        Ваше неадекватное высокомерие (по поводу моего бреда) – это штамп поведения западных стран (западного общества) – мнение России никто не хочет слышать. Ну что же господа – поднимем бокалы с шампанским, сыграем в русскую рулетку и умрем красиво?

    • LorHead

      The nuclear potential of Russia is a guarantee of the sovereignty of our country.

      The New World Order and its Social Justice spawn are a cancer, and radiation is the cure.

      If you want more detail – and I do mean more detail – on what you’re actually dealing with, read Mencius Moldbug.

      Moldbug refers to the NWO/Western Ruling Elites (who are hostile to ordinary Westerners/Whites) as “The Cathedral.”

      Its going to be a long reading, but if you have friends who can translate Moldbug’s writings into Russian, it might reach Tsar Vladimir Putin. They might be helpful in improving and adjusting the aim of your nukes at the centers of power in the NWO. It can also be used to support resistance groups within the NWO.

      • Сергей

        Thanks for the suggestion.

        Спасибо за предложение.

  • Cromulent

    And the Pantsuit wants us to vote for 8 more years of this.

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