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A Glimpse into the 21st Century
Synthetic Drug from China Surging In Florida

A new illegal drug is gaining in popularity, and in some places has surpassed cocaine in volumes seized by local police departments this year. Reuters has more:

Unlike cocaine, flakka, is both cheap and accessible. The drug is widely advertised for sale online by Chinese companies and can be shipped in large quantities to U.S. addresses by established global delivery companies. Once it hits the streets, a single dose can sell for as little as $5.

Flakka, which was placed on the U.S. list of illegal controlled substances in 2014, is chemically designed to mimic cathinone, a natural stimulant found in the leaves of the khat plant, chewed traditionally in the Arabian Peninsula and East Africa.

It gets its nickname from the Spanish slang for a slender and attractive woman, and is similar to ecstasy or MDMA, and so-called “Molly.” It is sold as small clear crystals that can be popped in the mouth or smoked.

Users are said to feel a sense of super human strength and delirium.

Though the drug has shown up in Ohio, Houston and Chicago, its popularity is surging in South Florida. It is enough of a concern that the issue has been brought up in discussions with Chinese officials.

With the rise of biotechnology, expect to see many synthetic stimulants and other pleasure drugs in the new century, many more powerful and perhaps more addictive than those we have known. Expect them to be discovered in many different countries and to be manufactured in many different places and distributed through many different channels.

And also expect that the toll in human life and happiness will be significant.

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  • Dan Greene

    China’s revenge for the opium wars.

    • Loader2000

      Heh, not bad:) However, if I were China, I would focus on GB for revenge based on the Opium wars.

      • Dan Greene

        Yeah, not too serious a comment, but a lot of Yankee clippers were involved in running opium from India into China. Of course, you’re right, when it came to the muscle, it was all perfidious Albion.

    • rheddles

      We might also take a look at how China solved that problem.

  • fastrackn1

    Looks like ‘crack’ redux.

    Well, population control anyway. Helps weed out the bad genetics in a society…next!….

  • Josephbleau

    The favorite reason to shoot a Chinese General is that he was involved in the drug trade, perhaps they have a backlog of Generals needing killing. I should write a Clancy about a secret Chinese lab that makes super cool drugs that destroy Americans dna to achieve a one generation coup.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Legalize it all, and then deal with it as adults, responsibly and with common sense as we deal with Tobacco and Alcohol. As things now stand billions of Dollars are pouring into the pockets of criminal organizations, and out of the tax payer’s to police, judge, and imprison millions of people.

    • theresanursemom

      Unless we are prepared to put the absolute fear of god into those who traffic in drugs, we may as well legalize them. Unflinching brutality is the only possible way to stop it if we keep it illegal…

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