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Iran Attacks Persian Gulf Shipping
Iran’s Gunboat Diplomacy
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  • Ellen

    This will play out to its predetermined end. Obama will stumble on, guided by nothing but his careeristic narcissism, while the Democratic Party and its media stooges will compliment him for “preventing a war in the MidEast” by capitulating to every Iranian demand. Are these people sentient creatures? There is a war going on now. Of course, it only involves Muslims killing Muslims (and a few Christians and heterodox sects), so effectively it doesn’t matter to these great universalists. But where do these pinheads think this is all headed? To a prolonged war of attrition which the Shiites are doomed to lose, many tens of thousands of bodies later, but American influence will be shredded to bits, as the result. Even a Republican president will not be able to restore American power after the Obama years.

    • JR

      Middle East, outside of Israel, is no longer safe for any religious group other than Muslims. I dislike Obama as much as the next guy, but to put that on him is a bit much.

      • Ellen

        The issue is not just the MidEast, but the entire world because if an American president behaves the way Obama is behaving in one region it implies the same about other regions. America has been the guarantor of stability in the world since WWII, and that is now been erased in the matter of a few years by this thoughtless, self-absorbed prima dona without a minute’s thought about the long-term consequences. Nature abhors a vacuum and Obama is creating a giant vacuum into which a lot of bad things will get sucked.

        • JR

          We agree 100% with our current assessment of things. Where you and I differ is that I think my view of how things may play out in the long run is a lot more optimistic than yours. One of the most pernicious and intractable conflict in the Middle East in the past 50 years has been one between Jews and Arabs. But due to Obama’s backing of Iran, all of a sudden we are seeing some very warm (by ME standards) relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia. Egypt is demanding (and getting) its rightful seat at the table of any and all discussions regarding the ME, especially as it relates to Gaza. Jordan is weathering the storm rather nicely. With Israel trying its darnedest to be nice to these people, while developing energy fields that can supply Egypt and Jordan with gas (making a moneyz in the process but Moishe got to eat and feed his whole mishpuhah as well), and you have a beginning of a somewhat normalized relationships between Sunnis and Jews. I do not think current Jewish/Muslim conflict to be completely unsolvable. Yes, there are sects that are crazy a$$holez and need to get killed off. But by working together, Israeli and Sunni governments can move forward. There is a LOT to be gained by a LOT of people from stable, friendly but not TOO friendly relationship between Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. I’m arguing an optimists’ case, but I don’t think I’m completely off-base with what I am saying.

          • Ellen

            Regarding Israel’s future, I am very optimistic. But regarding America’s influence in that part of the world, and generally, I am not. Within 5 years, America will have 2 remaining allies in the Middle East – Israel and the Kurds. Both alliances will survive Obama because they have nothing to do with him at all. They are strong at every other level, but not at the Presidential one for 1.5 remaining years. Obama can’t turn the tide of history. He will discover much to his chagrin, that he does not control the tides – he is a mere jelly fish being washed around, soon to be shipwrecked on the sands of a deserted island. When he leaves power he will become as ignored as Mike Dukakis became.

            America used to be a force for good in the world, in spite of the view of the Leftist haters. Obama and his left wing allies are turning it into a force supporting evil. As Charles Krauthammer wrote recently, history will not be kind in its judgment of the Obama years.

  • Dan Greene

    Here we go again. TAI presents a one-sided take on a story involving Iran and can’t be bothered to do the least bit of research to ascertain if there is another side to the story. This is exactly what happened with the Maersk Tigris. TAI ranted about piracy, Iranian lawlessness, etc, and then had to concede that the story was quite different than what they had originally claimed. This is journalism?

    Now with the Alpine Eternity, we get the same third-rate propaganda. Here is what the Iranians are claiming:

    “An official has called on Iran’s neighbors to seize a Singapore-flagged vessel and hand it over to the country for seriously damaging an Iranian oil rig and fleeing the scene. Director of the consortium for phase 13 of the South Pars project, Habib Jadidi, said the Alpine Eternity was trying to leave the region before the issue could be resolved. The ship has reportedly fled to Dubai after being ordered into Iranian waters by the coast guard.

    “We want neighboring countries to make the necessary cooperation on confiscation and handing over of this particular vessel,” he said. The ship, operated by Norway’s Transpetrol TM AS, hit the rig at 03:00 a.m. on March 22 after drifting 25-30 miles away from its normal course, the Ministry of Petroleum’s Shana news outlet quoted Jadidi as saying. He said the collision had caused $300 million of damage to the rig. The Norwegian company has been informed of the damage but it has taken no measure so far to pay for it, he said.”

    Shouldn’t a journalistic account of this episode at least include a reference to this information?

    • JR

      Thank God you are here to shed the light of truth!!! Thank you! Thank you so much!!!!

      • Dan Greene

        OK, on this one, you’re right.

  • mdmusterstone

    The problem being properly highlighted here are the methods being
    used by Iran
    and what it suggests about future behavior.
    I would imagine that there are hundreds if not thousands of unresolved claims,
    counter claims and denials right now in all parts of the oceans between
    shipping companies and sundry countries but they are not being resolved by
    seizing a ship, as in the first case, and holding the crew hostage nor in the
    second case firing across the bows of
    and then at a ship in international waters;
    that is a form of piracy, a sophisticated form, but piracy non the

    In what condition would the ocean commons be if anyone could
    make any claim and then adjudicate it by force of arms. Could it, oh, my goodness, be imagined that
    false claims might be made by some so as to hold a ship hostage for a ransom of
    some “reasonable” amount?

    The Iranians, fast learners that they are, are out
    Chinese(ing) the Chinese. Like any
    bullies the Iranians and the Chinese could profit from a bloody nose. We still have the power to do so but no
    country’s physical power is any greater than the man who commands it. Every incident unanswered invites a greater future
    incursion which in turn increases the chance for real war.

  • rheddles

    He had a choice between dishonour and war. He chose dishonour, Soon he shall have war.

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