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Britain Goes To The Polls
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  • rheddles

    Astounding. Hard to make sense of the SNP vote after the referendum. Can’t the Scots make up their mind? I guess they just want to be cantankerous. Well, they are Scots.

  • Nevis07

    So Cameron has a slim majority, but Scotland is now the only one party country in Europe. I can’t see how the UK will now remain a solvent union. I once lived in Scotland for a year while attending grad school over there, I’ll be sad to see that happen.

    As for the consequences on foreign policy for the US – in the medium to long term, I think we’ll have lost a major partner on defense. Can England, maintain two carriers on it’s own? What about the Welsh wanting their own referendum or the North Irish? Also, Scotland doesn’t want Trident missiles on their soil and if they split away, England will have lost some important sub ports.

    I don’t see England leaving the EU. At least not yet. Still, I think this is a major turning point and America will be forced to shoulder more of the burden in European defense. The US should turn even more toward Asia in my opinion. Europe is bent on its own destruction.

  • Pete

    So much for polls.

    And why is it, whether here or in GB, the polls always overestimate the strength of Democrats (liberals, socialists, and the like)?

    • Nevis07

      Because liberals like to think they’re smarter than they really are?

    • Stormcrow

      I sat and watched our mid terms last year and was amazed at the difference between the polls and the outcomes of the elections. Do these people realize that the poll trick isn’t working anymore and that their credibility is almost totally gone?

  • Ellen

    The best news to come out of this election is the smashing of the left. The left (ie, Labor party and some of the Liberals) in the UK has historically been one of the most troglodyte parts of that species. Does anyone still remember Arthur Scargill in the 1980’s whose union behaved as if they were living in the early 20th century in domestic affairs, and in foreign affairs they supported the Soviet Union. Now, they support Islamists everywhere, the more violent the better.

    This is the beginning of the end of the Western left, and the defeat of Hillary Clinton will put the bloom on the rose. Cameron has very little to say about anything important, and is largely a cipher in world affairs. But, a cipher is still better than the left. I’m enjoying 2015 so far. First Assad, now the Labor party, and pretty soon it will be the turn of the Democratic Party in the US. Down they go, one after another!

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