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No Progress
Iran Balking At Diplomatic Solution To Ship Standoff

As of this morning, there was little sign that Iran was interested in resolving the standoff over its seizure of the cargo vessel Maersk Tigris in a diplomatic fashion. Reuters reports that representatives of Maersk Line met Iranian Ports and Maritime Organization officials, and the Danish ambassador in Tehran met with Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials.

“We have yet to receive any written notifications (court ruling, arrest order or similar) pertaining to the seizure of Maersk Tigris or the cargo case,” Maersk wrote in a statement. […]

Maersk repeated that the crew and the vessel should be released immediately.

Last week details emerged of the Iranian case against Maersk Line. The seizure itself was an aggressive move and not at all in line with how such matters are usually handled, but means of diplomatically resolving the crisis are clearly within Iran’s grasp, should it choose to avail itself of them. That it hasn’t, even as the U.S. Navy escorts American-flagged vessels through the Strait of Hormuz, speaks volumes.

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  • iconoclast

    Wasn’t piracy resolved by destroying the cities from which pirates operated?

  • qet

    It seems like rational behavior to me that one State in a hostile posture towards another State led by a conciliatory accommodationist regime would try to discover the hard wall. That said State would just keep pushing and acting increasingly outrageously until it hit that wall. Iran must want to know just how far it can go, in order to adjust its policies accordingly.

    • JR

      I said the same thing exactly when this incident just occurred. Expect more belligerence.

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