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China's Purge Goes Global
America, Where the Foxes Are

China today published its list of the top 100 most wanted economic fugitives who have fled abroad—”foxes” in Beijing’s bestiary of criminals (domestic thieves are called either “tigers” or “flies”, depending on the size of their crime). A similar list was already available from Interpol, but China’s has a new feature: it mentions where the foxes are believed to have run to. The new information was added in order to point the finger at America for harboring many of these characters—37 of the total 100. Chinese crooks seem to love the anglosphere, with Canada and Australia also being favored destinations. But America, it seems, is still number one.

Even before this list came out, Beijing already planned to send Wang Qishan, the head of the ominously-named Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, and probably the second or third most powerful man in China today, to Washington. The Commission, which has traditionally been tasked with prosecuting crimes within the Chinese Communist Party itself, has been spearheading Xi Jinping’s party purge, and has recently launched a new initiative (dubbed “Sky Net“) for taking the purge beyond China’s borders. There have been some early signs indicating that America might be willing to play ball with China on this issue, but we probably won’t know how far the cooperation will go until Xi’s state visit in September.

Regular readers know we’ve been warning about pitfalls of getting in bed with Beijing on this one. Let’s see how the Obama administration plays this.

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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    The smart money in China can see the writing on the wall, and is leaving China as swiftly as it can. China to those not ate up with the dumbass, is going to hit the economic wall in the near future. This is because Chinese growth was built on foreign investment building state of the art factories in China to take advantage of the dirt cheap labor. Since, the location of dirt cheap labor has since move elsewhere so have the foreign investors and China is now left with aging factories that are uncompetitive on the world markets. China is in fact NOT a world leader in anything and I challenge anyone to name a Chinese world class brand name like Apple, Microsoft, GE, Sony, Samsung, Toyota, Google, Amazon, etc…

    • fastrackn1

      ‘Paper tiger’ comes to mind….

      Americans like to manufacture bogeymen…USSR military might in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, Japanese business in the 80’s and 90’s….

      • JR

        I actually know quiet a few people who came from China as students and stayed in the US. Their take is somewhat more nuanced that what we as Westerners are exposed to. Namely, in the West we tend to focus on the 300mm Chinese that live in coastal provinces, have joined the middle class and are living their version of the Chinese Dream. Leaders in China are more focused on 1 BILLION poor peasants that are being left behind. With the new technology such as Internet and TV spreading into the hinterlands, these people are seeing what they are missing and are getting mightily p!ssed off. So Chinese leadership has to constantly worry about placating these people. Because let’s face it, feeding, clothing, employing, and entertaining this many people is not an easy job.

        • fastrackn1

          “So Chinese leadership has to constantly worry about placating these people. Because let’s face it, feeding, clothing, employing, and entertaining this many people is not an easy job.”

          It is one of the ‘many’ reasons why the US has little to fear about China….

      • qet

        Good thing we didn’t manufacture a Japan bogeyman in the 1930s. Oh, wait. . . . . . .

        • fastrackn1

          You are right that there sometimes is a threat. Germany also comes to mind in recent history.

          But a lot of threats are just bogeymen and are contrived by our government to get the public on their side for whatever it is they want to do. And humans being as they are always need a ‘black sheep’ somewhere in their life so they go along with it.

          I remember ‘duck and cover’ drills (some of the nonsense contrived by our government to keep us fearful that the big bad USSR was coming to get us) back in Grade School. Even back then I knew it was nonsense. I figured if we ever had an all-out global thermal nuclear exchange with the USSR that hiding under my desk wasn’t going to help….

          • GS

            Well, fastrackn1, I was born and grew up in the effing ussr [fortunately for me, I got out]. And your posts bring to memory what one world-scale commie scoundrel once said about the “useful idiots”.

          • fastrackn1

            Did they have you doing Duck and Cover drills there too? Or any other silly preparation for war because they said the big bad USA was going to come and get you?

          • GS

            I’m afraid that you have totally missed my point. It is about the bad [very bad] kind of people they are and therefore about the necessity to stand firm against such no matter what.

  • GS

    They should purge the foxes from their communist party. Indeed being a commie functionary used to be a barrier to entry in the US.

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