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Slim Pickings
France’s True Problem: Skinny Fashion Models

France’s parliament has approved a measure banning fashion models from being excessively thin.┬áThe measure is designed to fight anorexia, which many believe is triggered by the unhealthy body standards set by the media. Modeling agents will be liable for using models who are under a certain level of Body Mass Index. According to a BBC report, it’s not a polite suggestion either: “Modelling agents that break the rules face fines and six months in jail.”

Fortunately, as Syria burns, Iran marches across the Middle East, Russia chews up an imploding Ukraine, the French economy staggers, and the EU faces its gravest set of challenges ever, the French parliament bravely refuses to be distracted by all the tumult and focuses on the truly important problems of the 21st century.

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  • Kevin

    Finally someone doing something productive to help the Club Med countries – thus will really help the Italian fashion industry in Rome and Milan.

    It’s ironic this law passes just as the weight of France’s population starts skyrocketing.

    Why is it that the fatter populations get the more we focus on the dangers of anorexia?

    • Tom

      For two reasons: Because we want to promote a third way, and because humanity refuses to get off Luther’s horse.

  • FriendlyGoat

    By the theory of this article, as long as Putin reigns, Islam pursues domination and any nations have economic challenges, then no part of their governments should be permitted address any less-grave social problems.

    OF COURSE France has important things to worry about. So do we. So does every nation. This is not a reason for the fun-makers to pile on when left-leaners accomplish something. There is not a sensible reason on earth for the fashion industry to mislead the girls who are their models or the girls who by the stuff. If they didn’t need this law, they wouldn’t have passed it.

    It’s reported that the Israelis has already done this. Did we needle them?

    • Angel Martin

      the fact that you think this meddling is an “accomplishment” kinda says it all…

      • FriendlyGoat

        Yes, it is a minor definition of the difference between left and right. I said, minor, okay?

    • Gene

      This comment really sums up your way of thinking beautifully. This trivial issue is worthy of government intervention why? What part of “It’s none of the French Government’s business” do you not get?

      “If they didn’t need this law, they wouldn’t be considering it.”

      You realize this is an argument in favor of the Indiana RFRA law, and any other law you probably despise, right?

      • FriendlyGoat

        No, you can argue for Indiana’s RFRA. I didn’t, I’m not and there is no connection whatever.

  • teapartydoc

    Colonne’ was good at not facing reality, as well.

  • Government Drone

    File under “First World Problems: French Edition”

  • rheddles

    Some photographic evidence would help.

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