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Hegemonic Hospitals
Hospitals Win Big from Medicaid Expansion
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  • Corlyss

    Whadda shock! When the taxpayer picks up the bill, hospitals don’t have to spend the money themselves! Will economics never cease to amaze!!!!!!!

  • Andrew Allison
  • FriendlyGoat

    If we have hospitals developing monopolies, we should be busting that with anti-trust. If they are making “too much” money, we should be taxing the income of the hospitals (and that of their officers and shareholders) until they are not making “too much” money. If we have a moral sense that there should not even be such a thing as a “for-profit” hospital, we should outlaw “for-profit” hospitals. If we are tolerating ridiculous line-item charges because the pricing is too secret, we should coerce the pricing of every last cotton swab into the light of day. If other countries’ facilities can give good care to patients for 1/3 the cost of ours, we should be following the practices of those other countries. If lobbyists and campaign-money influence are buying the control of our health care, we should rein in both lobbyists and campaign-money influence.

    Any or all of the proper remedies involve citizens, THROUGH GOVERNMENT, controlling the wild horses of——for lack of a better word—–fraud.

  • Fat_Man

    It should be noted that when “non-profit” hospitals are asked to demonstrate their charitable bona fides, they always point to the cost of uncompensated care.

    Now that is a flaky metric to begin with, as they determine the cost of uncompensated care to be the the price set by their retail charge master, which no insured patient ever pays.

    If the hospitals no longer have to charge off uncompensated care, their cash flow will go up, but their charity work will disappear. Then it will be time to tax them.

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