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The New EU Order
French Thumb Noses at EU Spanking Ruling

The Council of Europe is very unhappy that the French government won’t ban spanking. The BBC reports on a new non-binding ruling by the Council’s European Committee of Social Rights finding that France’s corporal punishment laws were “not sufficiently clear, binding and specific.” The French government was unimpressed:

The French government denied the allegations put forward by Approach, saying existing laws already offered sufficient protection for children.

Reacting to the media reports ahead of the ruling, France’s Family Minister Laurence Rossignol said she did not believe it was necessary to legislate on the issue of smacking. […]

Polls have shown widespread support in both Britain and France for the right to smack children.

Next up for the EU: a law to require snacks, TV access, and the right to a hearing before a qualified judge for children forced into “time out”? Joking aside, parents should be allowed to discipline their children within reasonable legal limits, and the attempt to micromanage that is in the same category as the attempt to control where and how far parents let their children walk on their own. Spanking is not (necessarily) abuse and leaving your kids unsupervised is not (necessarily) neglect. Of course a country must have laws that protect kids, but these regulations are both intrusive and excessive.

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  • Corlyss

    This is how civilizations end, not with a bang but a ruling on spanking . . . .

  • Frank Natoli

    If France and England want no part of this, which members of the EU are trying to force this on everyone else?

  • Fat_Man

    Glad to know that the EU is focused on the important stuff.

    Now, what are they going to do about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

  • FriendlyGoat

    Well, with respect to vaccines, Rand Paul recently opined that “The state doesn’t own your children”—–“Parents own the children”.

    The politics of smacking children, or spanking children, or disciplining children, or an old-fashioned whuppin of any duration with most any instrument from a stressed-out or drunken parent is all the same debate—–in matters of degree. Exactly who “owns” what over whom and to exactly what extent?

  • Kevin

    Ironic that France has the second highest fertility rate in the EU (after Iteand if I recall right). Given huge huge demographic catastrophe the EU is facing, maybe they ought to ask what France is doing right I suspect that a state which excessively intrudes on patent-children relationships will be one that finds prospective parents are less interested in becoming parents.

    • iconoclast

      Inviting millions of Muslims is not a recipe for success.

    • John the River

      Unfortunately, the fertility isn’t among the “natives” but the Islamic immigrants.

      And, as in Israel, the cause of the huge increase in fertility is access to first world medical care and pediatrics. As in Nature, remove a species from it’s natural surroundings and predators and its population can skyrocket. In this case, the predator holding the Muslims down was themselves. But in a few generations after they have brought down Western Civilization and everything is back to normal their birthrate will return to it’s previous levels.

      Too late.

  • John the River

    Oh! Spanking children!

    My mistake, never mind.

  • lhfry

    Time out has been equated with solitary confinement in prisons just as spanking has been equated with child abuse. So what is a parent to do? My guess is that the “helping professions” don’t wish to see children disciplined at all. More work (victims) for them.

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