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The GOP's Red Dawn
WaPo Campaigns For Scott Walker

Wisconsin Governor and presidential hopeful Scott Walker has had a tough time lately handling the press, but new story out today may give him a boost. In the Washington Post, Robert Samuels reports that Walker’s 2011 law eliminating collective bargaining rights for public sector unions has decimated the ranks of the state’s unions. Some unions have seen membership drops as high as 50–70 percent, as the decline of collective bargaining rights appeared to strip many unions of their raison d’être.

For many, this news is evidence that Walker’s legislation was inhumane and tragic. But the piece suggests that some people really like what they are seeing:

While some union members have been energized by the fight, they say they notice a new, more vocal animosity toward them. It has been particularly pronounced in rural areas, where public-sector jobs were some of the most prized gigs in town.

In King, population 1,700, Magnant said she couldn’t change a sign at the union hall without someone giving her the finger. Farther west, in Stanley, prison workers said they ditched their favorite pizza pub because the owner stood by while other customers called them “leeches.”

You can bet that the conservative base nationwide shares some of this animosity—and the greater the decimation experienced by public sector unions, the happier with Walker they will be. That will buy Walker goodwill on other areas if he chooses to downplay some other base priority. For this well-positioned Presidential candidate, the higher the skulls stack, the better his chances.

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  • iconoclast

    “….the higher the skulls stack, the better his chances.”

    So true. While I do not admire the hypocrisy, cynicism and dishonesty that characterizes the vast majority of Democrats I do admire their willingness to fight a total war and wish we had more of that in the GOP.

    • Andrew Allison

      I utterly despise total political war, which implies flinging as much mud as you can and hoping some of it sticks. I hold both major parties in more-or-less equal contempt, but it does appear to me that the sheer desperation of the attacks on GOP potential candidates is a measure of the threat which they represent.
      Note to interns (I hope): the higher the stack of skulls or the higher the skull stack but, not for goodness sake, the higher the skulls stack.

      • iconoclast

        Total war means much more than throwing mud. It means destroying your opponents personally, professionally, financially and any other way you can. It isn’t enough to defeat your opponent in an election. Afterwards one should put as much effort into ruining, if not jailing, the leftists as well. And take it from politicians all the way down to individual activists, just as the Leftists do. After all, everything is political to a leftist so the least we can do is respect their culture by treating them the same way (though harder).

        I like “the higher the skulls stack”, but I see that “the higher the skull stack” might be better English.

        • Andrew Allison

          I edited the my comment after you replied. I think we have a different somewhat different perspective on total political war within a democracy. But permit me to add that, IMO, what is destroying democracy is the refusal of the minority to accept the decision of the majority.

          • rheddles

            What is destroying democracy is too much democracy.

          • Boritz

            Or too little in the form of a hyper-committed clique that has the rest of the high school convinced that something is seriously wrong with anyone who doesn’t see things exactly their way. Then again too much may be right.

        • FriendlyGoat

          Too bad you’re not identifiable here as a high-level Republican. Your first paragraph, as written, literally is enough to elect Hillary Clinton by a landslide. All that is needed is to tag your thoughts onto the entire Republican party and repeat, repeat, repeat.

          Not even Mitt Romney declared he wanted to destroy the 47% personally, professionally and financially. What in the hell is wrong with you?

          • iconoclast

            “What in the hell is wrong with you?”

            Too many years of watching the vileness of Democrats.

            And you think that this isn’t the philosophy of Harry Reid, Barack Obama and the rest of the leftists? Either you are lying or you are naive.

  • FriendlyGoat

    Scott Walker largely spared the police and firefighters’ unions in Wisconsin from the war he waged on other unionized public employees.
    This is the only reason he got away with his “Act 10” and survived his second and third elections.

    If you want to have a war on unions, it’s rather cowardly to skip attacking the tough guys and essentially “buy” their support for your sorry butt while making fun of everyone else. Typical Republicanism.

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