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Bankrupt Health Care
When Health Insurance Doesn’t Mean Coverage
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  • Frank Natoli

    For many years prior to Obama-Pelosi-Reid ACA, I had an individual United Healthcare Oxford PPO plan, relatively high deductible but excellent network. After Obama-Pelosi-Reid ACA, United Healthcare Oxford cancelled my policy even though ACA allowed but did not require them to grandfather it. Because of the extraordinary financial burden of covering pre-existing conditions and “free” coverage of pregnancy and pediatric care, insurers cancelled all individual PPOs and herded all individuals into extremely restricted EPOs or HMOs, at significantly greater premiums than the much more comprehensive PPOs. Although I opted for a “regional” EPO, at even greater premium increase, I am limited to northwest NJ. If a doctor tomorrow tells me I have cancer, I no longer have the network option of going to Sloan Kettering in New York City TO SAVE MY OWN LIFE. This was all planned with malice aforethought by Obama-Pelosi-Reid et al. Thank you, Democrat voters, I won’t forget you.

  • FriendlyGoat

    “conditions in which consumers have more control over their own experience”

    is a soundbite with no meaning unless you explain exactly what you are talking about. EXACTLY what?

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