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Revisionism 101
Russia and Iran Ink Military Cooperation Deal

Two of the world’s revisionist powers, Russia and Iran, signed a major deal which includes renewed missile sales, increased military cooperation, and provisions for joint training exercises. Defense News reports:

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu signed a military cooperation deal with Iran on Tuesday that his Iranian counterpart touted as a joint response to US “interference.”

Shoigu is the most senior Russian military official to visit Tehran since 2002, according to Iranian media, and the agreement comes with both countries facing Western sanctions. […]

Defence Minister Hossein Dehqan told state television that Iran and Russia had a “shared analysis of US global strategy, its interference in regional and international affairs and the need to cooperate in the struggle against the interference of foreign forces in the region.”

Moscow had cut off the sale of the powerful S-300 missiles in 2010, due the UN’s sanctioning of Iran on account of its nuclear program. That was back in the era when, if you remember, the U.S. was still hoping for a “reset” with Russia.

The Kremlin of 2015 is not so concerned with world opinion and international law. It’s more concerned with thumbing its nose at the U.S. Meanwhile, Tehran seems to think its position in the nuclear negotiations is strong enough, and the U.S. desperate enough for a deal, that it can be as provocative as it wants.

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  • wigwag

    A few well placed bombs delivered by the Americans or Israelis on top of President Assad’s palace would deprive both Hezbollah and Iran of an ally they can’t do without. It would also deprive the Russians of access to one of the few warm water ports where they can berth their navy. Without its Syrian ally Iran’s hegemonic aspirations would be seriously impaired, Hezbollah would be crippled and the Russians would be seriously hampered. The trade-off, cf course, is that a large portion of what we used to call Syria would likely be controlled by ISIS or the al-Nusra front.

    It is a tradeoff well worth making. A Syria ruled in part by a group of Sunni Islamic crazies is a small price to pay for dealing a serious blow to a nation that represents the greatest threat to world security and a Shia terrorist group that has murdered hundreds of American marines, Israeli civilians and innocent Argentinian Jews.

    If Russia really is selling its S-300 system to Iran, the Israelis should consider all bets off and they should terminate Assad forthwith. Given the inclination, Israel could turn the tide of war in Syria in a few short weeks.

    They should do it.

  • ChangeIranNow

    Well, isn’t that nice. A regime run by an old Marxist who annexes land at a brisk pace and another regime run by Islamist radicals also intent on building a Shia Warsaw Pact and both regularly oppress political opponents, crack down on the internet and enrich themselves and their ruling families at the expense of their own people. Seems like an ideal match doesn’t it? And that should scare the crud out of us because we are sinking back into another Cold War but this time with much more volatile enemies who view negotiation as weakness and accommodation as appeasement. At a time when our opponents are cozying up we are busy dumping our allies. This does not inspire confidence and only leaves us in a more dangerous position.

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