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An Argentinian Conspiracy?
UPDATE: Allegations of Blood For Oil

UPDATE: Since we published the below story, Alberto Nisman, the prosecutor in question, was found dead due to a gunshot wound that authorities are calling a suicide—but most observers are understandably skeptical. Mr. Nisman was scheduled to testify before Congress the morning after he died, and claimed to have hours of voice recordings to back up his accusations. He had asked a judge to freeze $23m in assets belonging to the alleged conspirators, including President Kirchner. Speculation is already rife as to whether the suicide was a government or Iranian-backed assassination. When or if firm evidence appears, we’ll run a further story; the speculation is also, in and of itself, reaching the point where it is large enough to be a story.


If Jews worldwide didn’t have good enough reason to suspect that attacks against them get glossed over, stories like these more than make up for it: in what’s looking like a weird Latin version of Iran Contra (with anti-Semitic characteristics), allegations are emerging that Argentina’s president helped cover up a 1994 terrorist attack on a Jewish community center. The Wall Street Journal reports:

Alberto Nisman, a federal prosecutor who has spent a decade investigating the attack, shocked Argentina by filing the complaint, which accuses Mrs. Kirchner, her foreign minister and others of secretly negotiating a deal with Tehran to offer immunity for Iranian suspects in exchange for Iranian oil. A judge must now decide whether to investigate the charges.

On the one hand, these are only the allegations of a prosecutor, and have not yet been proven. On the other, he claims to have wiretap evidence to back up his allegations.

And Fernandez de Kirchner’s supporters do her no favors with statements like this one by her Cabinet Chief:

Mr. Capitanich said Mr. Nisman’s accusations were part of a broader international conspiracy against Argentina involving multimedia groups, judges, prosecutors and both local and foreign intelligence services.

A massive international conspiracy? You don’t say.

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  • Kevin

    Why do I think the prosecutor will be in jail, or worse, very soon?

    In a country where it’s a crime to publish inflation statistics, accusing the president of covering up mass murder can’t be a wise career move.

    Maybe a good old fashioned Falklands/Malvinas crisis will make all her problems go away.

    • Andrew Allison

      The result would be the same as last time, but hey, when you’re all out of tampons and toilet paper, you’ve got to do something dramatic to distract the people. Is it really asking too much to stop taking Argentina seriously (I write, sadly, as a one-time tanguero who has visited the country a few times)?

      • CaliforniaStark

        Totally agree. It is a wonderful county, which has the resources to be one of the world’s most prosperous nations. Yet its population has repeatedly squandered this opportunity by voting for worthless demogagues as leaders. This should be a lesson for the the United States — elections have consequences.

        Of course when things get really bad, there is always the diversion of threatening to invade several cold and desolate nearby islands, where 3,000 British citizens, abt. 600,000 sheep, and several million penguins reside. On a happy note, Vladimir Putin visited Argentina in 2014 and promises aid; and everyone knows he is just rolling in dough right now.

  • ljgude

    Hey, if the CIA by its lonesome can cause the economic ruin in Venezuela it is only logical to expect a massive international conspiracy targeting the Argies to cause …well…massive damage. Follows as the night the day. What bothers me is what all those sheep on the Malvinas are getting up to. .

  • wigwag

    As far back as 2010, then Secretary of State Clinton has been questioning the mental health of President Kirchner.


    It seems that the United States has known that Kirchner is off her rocker for a long time.

  • Dude 42

    Still waiting for Sean Penn’s name to surface here– Given the man’s obvious talent for beating up paparazzi, his capacity for wetwork targeting dangerous propagandists of El Imperio should not be ignored…

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