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Freedom of the Press
This is What Journalistic Bravery Looks Like

Editors of the New York Times and other outlets that refused to publish the new cover of Charlie Hebdo, take note: A secular newspaper in Turkey, Cumhuriyet, published cartoons from the latest Charlie Hebdo edition on Wednesday, in spite of recent suicide bombings in the country and a raid by the police. From the Wall Street Journal:

[D]ozens of riot police sealed off the roads to Cumhuriyet’s Istanbul headquarters, following an official raid shortly after midnight on its printing house as editors planned to prominently publish the image of Muhammad in solidarity with the 12 people killed by extremists at the satirical magazine’s Paris offices last week.

Cumhuriyet said that Turkish authorities allowed Wednesday’s edition to reach store shelves after an inspection showed that the cartoon of Muhammad wasn’t printed on the cover, but inside the paper atop two opinion columns.

Turkey’s secular left shares an intellectual lineage with France’s, so perhaps the sympathy is unsurprising. What is breathtaking is the audacity of doing this in a country where the government’s secular foundation has been rapidly eroding. (In other news, a Turkish judge ordered internet sites blocked that featured the Hebdo cover.) But for now, the Turks still have enough freedom, unlike people in many of their neighboring countries, that a brave editor can do something like this.

Talk about the courage of your convictions.

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  • wigwag

    Has the American Interest published the cartoons? Does it have a policy on the subject?

    Don’t your loyal readers and subscribers have a right to know?

    • Andrew Allison

      In fairness, I feel that I should point out that TAI comments on the news rather than attempting to make it.

  • Andrew Allison

    The fact that Charlie Hebdo had to increase its production run from 60,000 to three million and then to five (and counting) does rather suggest that the NYT and the rest of the MSM have their heads where the Sun doesn’t shine. But, unhappily, this is not news.

  • gabrielsyme

    I assume that brave editor has just moved to near the top of Erdogan’s enemies list. Turkey may still be somewhat free, but Erdogan is doing his best to end that.

  • DiogenesDespairs

    Je suis Charlie.

    Je suis Cumhuriyet.

  • FriendlyGoat

    This could be considered a lab experiment to find out how many of Turkey’s 98%-Muslim population actually care whether the prophet is put in an image or not.

    A cartoon implying that Mohammad cares about murdered people is not the same as making fun of him, either.

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