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Bankrupt Health Care
The “Coverage Gap” Is Even Worse Than You Think
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  • Jmaci

    Funny you should mention the coverage/cost equation. In one of the unearthed Jonathan Gruber videos he talks about how the ACA was designed to increase coverage NOT control costs. No wonder we’re in such a mess.

    • Clovis

      But I thought it was the Affordable Care Act? What do you mean it had nothing to do with controlling healthcare costs?

    • JR

      I personally can’t wait for the GOP to start sending Obamacare-related bills for him to veto. That way the Democratic brand will become entwined closer and closer with the program that Democrats themselves know is completely unaffordable. While it is fun to be the people spending trillions, it is not as fun to be the people taking those trillions.

      • FriendlyGoat

        Indeed, they will give Obama plenty to veto and he’s not going to look as bad doing it as you think.

        • Corlyss

          Good thing he don’t care how he looks. I listen to dimwits talk almost nightly about “he will do so-and-so for his legacy because he doesn’t want to expose the fact that he will not cooperate with Republicans on ANYTHING.” That really gives me some hearty guffaws: if that mattered to him he had plenty of chances starting in 2010. The amusing thing with Doofus (or Dim Bulb if you will) is that regardless of the scenario, he does what he wants and what is consistent with his crabbed Communist ideology. In 2010, 2012, and 2014 I heard “he’ll do this or that to make sure Democrats in Congress are not hurt by his decisions.” That’s a laugh. Nobody since Nixon has been so screamingly indifferent to the fate of his co-party member in Congress. He does what he wants, what his ideology tells him to do.

        • JR

          That depends on A) what they send and B) whether or not it helps GOP’s 2016 candidate vs. Hillary. We don’t know A) for now and won’t know B) until 2016.

  • Brett Champion

    There’s really no way to bring costs down here because, unlike other rich-world countries, we have no one to export those costs to. The US was, after all, the country that got shafted by the price controls employed by other countries.

  • Andrew Allison

    This post illustrates the confusion between insurance, welfare and healthcare. Medicaid is not insurance; it is a welfare program for those who can’t afford insurance. The difficulty which Medicaid patients have in actually getting care to is an example of getting what you pay for: the only way that it can be paid for is by driving down reimbursement to the point that there’s very limited access to care. This is not necessarily a bad thing: limited access is better than none. Insurance is an altogether different issue. TAI is right that America’s health care problem is essentially a cost problem that hurts everyone, insured and uninsured alike, but efforts to reduce its cost run the risk of “Medicaiding” the insured, c.f. the Medicare reimbursement issue (which is reducing the availability of care for Medicare recipients). As an aside, I think that the most effective way to reduce the cost of healthcare is for the insured patient to feel some pain via higher deductibles and co-pays.

  • FriendlyGoat

    We’re to believe this is all fine and dandy for a conservative/libertarian house to tsk, tsk the costs, but this commentary is meaningless. If you want cost control, enact a single payer plan. If you want some lesser amount of cost control, but still measurably effective, enable government to force every transaction into the light of day for public scrutiny. If you’re unable to recommend either of those due to your ideology, then why are you writing on this subject? It’s ridiculous to read sentences like your last one: “If you fix cost,…..”.


    • Corlyss

      You wouldn’t like it. “Say something” is an enticement to commit to something so you and your fellows can tell the voters the conservatives are going to let them die of cancer.

    • Suzyqpie

      If the Democrats had any interest, which they do not, in single payer, they could have passed some form of a single payer gallimaufry instead of 0bamaCare, aka, DemocratCare. They did not. Single payer is a Democrat ChatterTopic™. The Republicans ChatterTopic™ is repeal 0bamaCare, aka, DemocratCare. The tribes of WDC, Rs or Ds, will not interfere with the profits of the campaign Donor Class which would be severely impact by single payer. With single payer the Doctors would become some form of government employees which would likely result in a reduction in the Doctor’s malpractice insurance premiums which are also very profitable to the campaign Donor Class. For the benefit of anyone who still thinks that 0bamaCare, aka, DemocratCare is about the uninsured, compare the Mar 2010 share value to todays shave values of CI, WLP, HUM, UNH, & AET.
      Happy New Year, Friendly.

  • Corlyss

    “For some, the “coverage gap” is one of our most pressing health care problems. But it all comes down to cost.”
    I is simply impossible for the Obamacare debacle to get worse than I anticipated because I never had ANY expectations of success except in the department that means the most to Democrats: giving away money. That’s ALL that ever mattered to them: means and methods to syphon off money from the defense budget.
    The facts on the ground are 1) Americans are addicted to spending, 2) the American economy depends on it, 3) the American government depends on it, 4) and health care and retirement are always in the future somewhere so why bother saving for them if they may never happen. Jam yesterday and jam tomorrow but never jam today. Grasshopper thinking. Pathetic.

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