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The Syrian Civil War
2014 the Bloodiest Year Yet For Syria

This past year the body count in the Syrian Civil War was the worst since the fighting began, according to The New York Times:

More than 76,000 people died in Syria’s civil war in 2014, including more than 3,500 children, a monitoring group reported on Thursday. The figures would make last year the deadliest in Syria since the conflict began in March 2011.

The figures from the monitoring group, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, put the total number of dead in the conflict as of Wednesday at 206,603.

We don’t expect things to improve in 2015. As Joshua Landis, Director of the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma, points out, the country is now fragmented so thoroughly between the Assad regime, ISIS, al-Nusra (the local al Qaeda affiliate) and the Kurds, that it’s unlikely anyone can gain full control—and so the war will continue. Nota bene as well that the FSA is not among those four factions; the American intervention seems for now to have come too late to help the moderates survive as a major force.

For those interested in tracking the ongoing carnage, we highly recommend the interactive map Landis links to—a sort of visual read the whole thing. Here’s what it looks like:

At the outset of 2015, the prospects for the people of this afflicted country seem even bleaker than ever.

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  • Fred

    Unfortunately, savages slaughter each other. It’s not only what they do best; it’s all they do well. Tragic, really, but politically incorrect as it may be to say so, not all cultures are civilized.

    • FriendlyGoat

      “Politically incorrect” is a flexible descriptive term. Its meaning shifts depending on who is controlling the politics. The new powers coming in give you complete permission to speak of uncivilized savages.

      • Fred

        I highly doubt that. The truth doesn’t play well in the media and “education” establishment or with the drooling, mouth-breathing morons brainwashed by those institutions. The new powers may be aware of the truth, but they are also aware of the consequences of speaking it openly.

  • gabrielsyme

    By far the best thing to have been done from the outset would have been to isolate and starve the conflict of resources. Yes, that would have meant the “moderates” would have been crushed (along with al-Qaeda, ISIS and the other Islamist groups which actually constituted the vast majority of the “moderates”), but hundreds of thousands of lives would have been saved, minority communities would not have been uprooted or exterminated and so forth.

    The US policy of encouraging and enabling the Syrian rebels was always more foolhardy than the anti-Gaddafi intervention in Libya. The massive buildup of strength by ISIS is bad enough, but al-Nusra’s base in Syria is perhaps even worse for the stability of the region in the long term.

    Congratulations Obama! You worked your magic again!

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