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Fake Outrage
Mid East States Pledge Big, Fall Short on Aid to Gaza

Arab and Islamic states are always the loudest in their condemnation of Israel when Israel defends itself from Hamas. They condemn the human rights catastrophe and then pledge enormous amounts of aid to help rebuild. But when it comes to actually putting money on the table? Not so much. As Reuters reports:

Two months after donors pledged $5.4 billion (3.44 billion pounds) to help rebuild Gaza after the war between Israel and Hamas, Palestinian, U.N. and other officials say barely 2 percent of the money has been transferred.

Of that money, only about $100 million has actually been received. We at TAI are shocked, truly shocked, that Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia are not such generous humanitarians after all.

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  • Pete

    Of course they haven’t put put money on the table. Those shifty Muslims are waiting for Uncle Sap along with the drips in the EU to pick up the Gaza tab.

    • kfkhalili

      Pete, nobody wants your money mate. Just fix your foreign policy which allows the US, EU, and other US and EU-backed nations (I am talking about Israel) to destroy complete cities and murder civilians by the thousands with impunity.

      If you can do that, then the US and the EU will save their money. That would make you happy, right?

      • Pete

        Sorry chief, but the facts show that just about everyone everyone in the world has their hands out for U.S. taxpayer money in one form or another. .

  • kfkhalili

    You realize that Israel destroyed Gaza beyond recognition, right? You realize that the definition of defense doesn’t apply here. You realize that Israel killed more than 2,000 people, more than 80% confirmed civilians and more than 400 of them children.
    They destroyed schools created by the United Nations, after the UN sent them coordinates to avoid those buildings, and Israel shelled them on purpose. They destroyed the only power plant, they destroyed hospitals. They killed complete families, in some cases 20 people from the same family, children included.

    It’s going to take about $5 – $7 billion to repair Gaza, after Israel committed wanton violence when three teenagers were kidnapped and murdered by two people, completely unrelated to Hamas. It was also made very clear from Israeli media that they had known the kids were dead and had no legitimate proof that Hamas was responsible (no evidence has been presented even now) and had used the missing teenagers as a way to incite national furor to start Protective Edge.

    We can all pretend that the Arab nations are who they present themselves to be, but also remember that these are all West-backed dictatorships. They condemn Israel on one hand and then sell natural gas to them, such as in the case of Qatar. All in all, they do not represent the stance of real Arabs and Muslims.

    So, finally, they might be scumbags, but this post, in its language, supporting Israel in their attack and then blaming Muslims or Arabs for not forking out the dough is more than unfair. I really wonder what kind of person is sitting on the other end of the computer, and how misled that person has to be to make such statements.

    Have a heart man, have a heart.

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