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Man of the People
De Blasio Delays JetBlue Flight

New York Mayor and noted populist Bill de Blasio held up an entire plane because he was running late. According to New York Magazine

If you have Bill de Blasio for secret Santa, please consider purchasing him a functioning alarm clock. The perennially tardy mayor reportedly held up a JetBlue flight at JFK in November when he showed up just ten minutes before it was scheduled to leave. JetBlue made the other passengers wait to board until his security detail had swept the aircraft and de Blasio was seated.

The irony is that de Blasio was likely flying commercial to demonstrate his populist bonafides. But unless he’s willing to live by the rules and inconveniences the rest of us suffer—including the occasional missed flight—it doesn’t count, your honor. And when you try to live by elite rules in the common world, it messes things up for everyone else.

Politicians are busy people, and at the risk of sounding like an East Coast, Inside-the-Beltway magazine, we might want to consider cutting them some slack when they fly private or government—on the grounds that it actually helps keep them out of the rest of our hair.

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  • Kevin

    Since when does a mayor need a security detail to sweep a plane. This is absurd.

    • Dan

      I’ll bet his security team is made up of people with guns too. You know, the kind he doesn’t want anyone else to have. Some animals are more equal than others.

  • S.C. Schwarz

    Interesting. I live in NYC and I read the Times every day, and watch the local news, and CNN and so forth, and this is the first I have heard of this. I have the feeling that if a Republican had done something similar it would have been mentioned.

    The way the left controls the narrative is only partially about what is allowed to be said. Even more important is what is unsaid.

    • Fat_Man

      I suggest reading the Post instead of the NYTimes.

      • S.C. Schwarz

        Believe me I don’t subscribe to the Times by choice. My wife loves the crossword puzzles.

        • Fat_Man

          I cancelled my subscription a few years ago. My wife subscribes to the puzzles on-line. A big savings in money and trash. She prints them out and does them at the breakfast table. They are also much more legible and much less dirty that way.

  • Gil Zimmerman, Jr.

    What a doofus. The City got what it deserved. In spades.

  • Fat_Man

    “The irony is that de Blasio was likely flying commercial to demonstrate his populist bonafides.”

    I sincerely doubt that. New York City probably does not have a New York City Air Force One. And, I doubt that De Blasio owns his own airplane as his predecessor did. He could charter. The last time I looked into charters they were about $5,000/hr. I don’t think he is that well paid.

    Prince William and Kate were in the US a couple of weeks ago, and they flew commercial. There are two people who have no populist cred by definition.

  • Sharknado

    He’s on creepy commie…I’ll give you that.

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