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That's One Way to Do It
Coal Too Dirty? Burn Money Instead

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. A power plant in central China is literally burning money to keep the lights on. The BBC reports:

The plant says one tonne of notes can generate more than 600 kWh of electricity, and is better for the environment than burning coal. The country’s central bank, the People’s Bank of China, has given permission for the notes to be burned, and says it’s an efficient way to make electricity. With the province’s unused paper money the company “can help generate 1.32 million kWh of electricity annually, which is equal to burning 4,000 tonnes of coal”, a member of staff at the bank tells Xinhua.

We understand that coal represents a major challenge for China, where local air pollution chokes many of the country’s major cities, but burning money as an alternative? That shows commitment. Or perhaps this is a clever form of quantitative easing? Perhaps the U.S. should follow suit, and start chucking dollars in the furnace—energy doesn’t get much greener than that.

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  • Kevin

    How about chucking pages of the Fedreal Register into the furnace? Reducing regulations while providing more electricity.

    • Andrew Allison

      Unhappily, burning the Federal Register would not remove the regulations. Putting (at a minimum) the feet of Congress into the furnace might be more useful.

      • Curious Mayhem


    • Nevis07

      LOL. We could start exporting the federal register in place of coal. Gotta close that trade deficit somehow! I love it haha

  • Andrew Allison

    I previously posted, more or less, the following:
    The first sentence of the Beeb’s report is that the paper is currency which had been removed from circulation, i.e., is not money.

  • Josephbleau

    Several cities have tried to burn garbage for power, a win win, but have universally been shut down by the greens of no. Just haul it to the landfill.

  • Curious Mayhem

    The reductio ad aubsurdum of a fiat currency. The Chinese invented paper money — now they can uninvent it.

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