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The Mixed Blessings of the Health Care Slowdown
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    The slow down isn’t because of Obamacare, it’s because America and the World are 6 years into Great Depression 2.0, and deflation is preventing prices from rising as they would in an inflationary economy. We know Obamacare isn’t the cause because Obamacare didn’t even begin until a year ago, and still isn’t fully implemented.

  • Andrew Allison

    ACA policies are high-deductible, and this is likely the main way that ACA is contributing to cost containment. As the post notes, such savings are a double-edged sword, but it looks as though the decrease in cost outweighs the increase due to people delaying care

  • FriendlyGoat

    There is always a debate whether “some” first-dollar coverage prevents “some” high-dollar catastrophic outcomes from neglecting basic care. We can be reminded that Medicare D approached this with a compromise by leaving a so-called donut hole in the middle. Not saying that’s good.

    But you can short the front end, short the top end or short the middle. Many, if not most employers, have been trimming both the front end and limiting the top end for decades. ACA was designed mostly to protect people on their top-end expenses. For anyone who ever worried about medical bankruptcy, that should have been good news. Oh, but it has Obama’s name tagged on it. Oooooooohh.

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