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Higher Ed Bubble
Law Schools Still Have A Ways To Fall
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  • Josephbleau

    I would predict that if you want to be competitive for the white shoe law firms you will need the 3 year ivy JD. Anyone taking advantage of stripped down programs will be doomed to second rate. It may be easier to go Ivy though, less competition. Won’t affect the top 0.5%.

  • Fat_Man

    There are about 200 law schools. There twice the number of law grads as there are law jobs. 100 law schools need to close.

  • DirtyJobsGuy

    Law (and medicine) should be started in the undergraduate years. There is no reason a law degree could not be granted in 4-5 years as part of an undergraduate program (or an MD as part of a 6 year program.

    • FriendlyGoat

      You’re right—–especially about the MD programs—-since we actually need more PCPs who can and will see patients. Lawyers are apparently not quite in such demand.

      It’s hard to know, though, whether physicians or lawyers would most vigorously oppose faster training and credentialing for new ones. We know they both would warn, warn, warn us against the mortal dangers of under-training in the professional fields.

  • Brett Champion

    I’m surprised that legal education hasn’t long ago become an undergraduate course of instruction. Most other countries in the world, including many common law countries, teach law as an undergrad program and none of them seem to be remotely considering the graduate school model of the US and Canada.

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