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The UK Gets An Immigration Policy
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  • Anthony

    Here is a surefire way to reduce the problem of illegal immigration in any developed country. If someone hires an illegal immigrant, he/she will be subject to heavy fines and possible jail time. The government can provide an “e verify” system for questionable cases. This is analogous to strict liability in tort law. Under strict liability, certain people are required to make sure dangerous activities do not produce negative consequences. Under my proposal, employers will have a duty to ascertain that the person being hired is not an illegal immigrant. Problem solved.

    • FriendlyGoat

      The only significant contributors to American political campaigns who would actually support what you’re talking about are labor union members, and they are being killed off as a specie. You can be assured that no Republican is going to advocate placing any burden on any employer. In their minds, the criminals are those who work for peanuts under duress, NOT the companies getting the labor for peanuts from people under duress. You have a valid point, but we do not have practical political will to implement any such thing.

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