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ACA Revisionism
Why Obama’s Grubergate Denials Ring Hollow

However much the ACA’s supporters insist that Grubergate is a distraction, this scandal has legs. When the videos of MIT professor Jonathan Gruber first broke, the Obama Administration sought to distance itself from the fallout by denying any special relationship with Gruber. But now that defense is appearing less and less credible. Steve Rattner, a former adviser to President Obama who was unoffically known as the “car czar” for his work with Obama on the auto industry, recently claimed that Gruber was “the man” behind the ACA. Politico reports:

“Jonathan Gruber was, back in the day in 2009, the guru on health care,” said Rattner….“I remember that when I was in the White House, he was certainly viewed as an important figure in helping to put Obamacare together.”

“I think if you go back and look at the Washington Post or the New York Times or anything from that period you will find Jonathan Gruber’s name all over it as both someone who’s the leading expert on health care quoted by everybody, and as someone who the White House was using — I don’t think we knew the dollar numbers he was paid at the time.”

The scandal has become serious enough that mainstream outlets like CNN are taking notice. CNN focuses on the video in which Gruber claims that the “Cadillac Tax” on the most generous employer-provided health care plans was imposed with an eye to phasing out employer-provided health care. Limiting or eliminating employer-provided health care is a policy aim shared by many on both sides of the political aisle, but doing so would cause enormous chaos and would be very difficult, politically, to pull off. So, Gruber claims, the Administration tried a back door—and if Rattner is even remotely right, Gruber is in a position to know.

The problem here is not the policy per se but the secrecy and opacity under which this law was foisted on the public. Even had the ACA been more effective, revelations like this would erode public trust in the intentions of their representatives. At a time when public trust is already a scarce commodity, the Administration’s denial of Gruber’s importance to the ACA will likely be taken as another indication of how dishonest our leaders have become.

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  • Pete

    The very essence of B. Hussein Obama is a lie. Everything about this man-child is a lie. There is no truth in him.

  • amoose1959

    “….another indication of how dishonest our leaders have become.”Ah when their Liberal idols show major human flaws and defect, they go full Nietzsche. The whole world is full of darkness.

  • Josephbleau

    There is a government agency (SEC) that has the task of assuring that the financial statements of organizations who depend on financial statements made to the public are accurate, truthful and non-deceptive in purpose so that the public has trust in the fair function of the financial system. Many many people are at loss of freedom serving time in prison for concocting false claims about the future value of investing money in certain ways. Sarbanes Oxley requires that the CEO of such organizations swear under penalty of law that their claims meet standards of honesty, and if wrong they will go to prison. Why is our President, the peoples employee allowed to be caught in this fraud and have it not prosecuted? May of the posters here will sneer and say some nonsense as it is always so, that congressional offices are immune from EEO and disability laws that lower life forms are punished for violating, that certain laws are so important that we are glad that our public bosses violate them for the benefit of mankind as did Robin Hood.

    As the democrat hero Warren Buffet said, “If you are in the game for 5 minutes and don’t know who the patsy is, you are the patsy.” I think that with the current administration, my 5 minutes are up, the people that laughed at my stupidity for not finding their lies before it was too late are not the patsy, I and the american public, are the patsy. We are objects of scorn, manipulated at the will of our betters.

  • stan

    We’ve never had another president who lied and slandered as this one. As lefties twist themselves into bigger and bigger knots in their efforts to justify the lies, slanders, civil rights violations and rampant lawlessness, we’ve reached a situation even crazier than Alice encountered with a Queen who believed 6 impossible things before breakfast.

    Think about this — Obama has repeatedly argued in court that blacks are too stupid to figure out where their polling place is, too stupid to understand the issues, and too stupid to figure out who to vote for. Fifty years ago, the Democrats who made such arguments were rightly condemned as racists. In today’s bizarre looking glass world, Obama’s racist claims are actually supposed to be evidence that Republicans are racist. Even Humpty Dumpty would be embarrassed at such an affront to logic.

    Gruber and the obamacare lies, abhorrent as they are, are minor compared to the rest of the extraordinary record of dishonesty that Obama has compiled.

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