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A Back Door to Health Care Price Transparency
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  • FriendlyGoat

    1) I’m glad TAI believes that “workable” and “humane” are words which belong in a sentence with “solution to our health care crisis”. Plenty of people, including readers who comment here, want to just skip over to the sound bites of “conservative theory”—-bypassing the reality of the gap between workers’ budgets and what it actually costs to be treated for illness.

    2) The pre-pay trend described in this article is a reason why no one should ever again aspire to be a “worker at the counter” of a health care facility. Following the directives of the new “training” would not be a job most people could possibly enjoy.

    3) The more we have price transparency, the better. Standing at the counter while sick is not the best place to get it, however. We actually need ALL the prices in public view and under the constant scrutiny of charitable non-profits, government, employers, insurers, activist groups, social clubs and churches. (It would be hard to imagine a better service project for the adult church social group, for instance, than to do a comprehensive study of local competitive pricing and report helpful findings to members and non-members.)

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