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Reforming Delivery
India Welcomes a Medical Innovation Rejected by America
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    The American healthcare system is a monopoly as Medicare/Medicaid, a limited Monopoly with Employer or third Party payers of Health Insurance, and for personal purchase of Health Insurance the market is severely limited in choices. This means that the “Feedback of Competition” which forces continuous improvements in Quality, Service, and Price in free markets, isn’t functioning in the American Healthcare system. This means that innovations that companies exposed to the “Feedback of Competition” would leap on, are ignored by the American Healthcare system.

    • John Morris

      It is even worse. You forgot the AMA monopoly that works to ensure that a member of their guild is required in almost any but the most routine medical procedure.

      Then there is the FDA and the decade of pain they require to get even the most trivial thing licensed and onto the market. Yes they prevent some dangerous things from getting past them. But every time you read of a new drug, device, procedure, etc. that saves X lives per year, just pause and mourn the 10X people certainly who died waiting for it. And even after running the FDA gauntlet there will be lawyers on late nite TV trolling for ‘injured patients’ the second you sell enough to have enough money in play to attract the bottom feeders, the FDA approval process gives zero immunity.

      But you are onto the biggest part of it, Third Party payment makes it really hard to get a handle on the rampant inflation.

    • Joesph Constable

      The healthcare industry cartel has legislated monopolistic protections from top to bottom, from the federal government, to state and local governments.

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