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The Daily Wrap
Of Podcasts and Russian Memories

With the unified Feed having gone away, we are rolling out a new feature on our brand new, redesigned website. Called the Daily Wrap, it’s a list of some things you may have missed today.


Podcast Episode 39: Asymmetry in Ukraine and Turmoil in Hong Kong

Host Richard Aldous welcomes former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Steven Pifer onto the show to take the temperature of the festering crisis with Russia, and then talks Hong Kong with Harvard Kennedy School’s Richard Rosecrance onto the show.

Reflections on the Closing of the Russian Mind

British Ambassador Andrew Wood did several tours in Moscow, and saw up-close just how the country has and has not changed through the years. How is it, he wonders, that Russia looped away from the Soviet matrix in the late 1980s, only to recreate so much of it between 1991 and now?

Via Meadia

Leading Climate Scientist Bemoans Chicken Little Green Advocacy

The perils of alarmism are becoming clear to greens: one of the lead authors of an ominous new IPCC report warned against the environmental movement’s tendency to exaggerate the dangers and climate change.

Al-Qaeda Victories Spell Crisis for U.S. Policy in Syria

Two key U.S. allies have collapsed and surrendered to the Syrian al-Qaeda affiliate. What has heretofore passed for this aministration’s strategy is increasingly in tatters.

“Degrade and Destroy” ISIS…In the Next 3 to 4 Years

Significant details have been leaked to the New York Times about the military plans to confront ISIS, including prospective dates, troop numbers, and base locations. But the fundamental sectarian issues dividing Iraq remain unresolved.

The Well Runs Dry for “War on Women” Rhetoric

Despite the prominent role culture war issues are playing in some midterm campaigns, voters care far more about the economy and health care than about gay marriage or abortion. Politicians or pundits who pretend otherwise are missing the mood of the electorate.

Ultrasound Innovation May Change Abortion Debate

Entrepreneur Jonathan Rothberg has raised a million dollars from serious investors to produce a portable ultrasound machine that will be cheaper, faster, and more precise than existing technology. If it succeeds, it will have wide applications—but one unexpected effect may lie in discouraging abortions.

The NSC and Our Hobbled Strategy in Syria and Iraq

The National Security Council may be hampering our national security, Pentagon insiders are saying to the press. The Obama administration is starting to show serious strains.

Xi to Stand Abe Up at APEC?

Will Xi or won’t Xi? A Chinese state-run paper pours cold water on the prospects of a historic Xi-Abe summit at the APEC conference.

Russia Cheers Elections in Eastern Ukraine

Putin continues to deftly play his games as Western leaders’ hopes for some kind of deal over Ukraine are dashed.


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