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Mango & Papaya
Eau de Chavez Banned in Cuba

A state-owned Cuban pharmaceutical company has been developing a set of perfumes named after Che Guevara and Hugo Chavez. As it turns out, the sweet smell of socialist triumph is… fruity:

Labiofam said Ernesto, the cologne named after the Argentine-born revolutionary who help Fidel Castro take over in Cuba in 1959, would be a woodsy and refreshing citric scent with notes of talcum powder.

Hugo, named after the late Venezuelan president, would offer a softer, fruitier fragrance with hints of mango and papaya.

“They will be very attractive colognes, but the names also mean a lot to us,” said Isabel Gonzalez, vice-president for research and development for Labiofam during the launch.

Cubans mocked the project on social media, while others felt that the project was disrespectful. Finally, the Cuban government was forced to act. It banned the products from going on sale.

“The details of this irresponsible action were discussed in detail on Friday with the company’s director and the employees who presented the products, which were still being developed,” read the statement of the Executive Committee of the Ministers’ Council, headed by Cuban President Raul Castro.

“The appropriate measures will be taken to deal with this serious error.

“Such initiatives will never be accepted either by our people or by the Revolutionary Government.”

It’s a pity, really. The product could have ended up being a success story, even if it was only made for export. After all, there are thousands of young fools, excuse us, idealistic ‘activists’ who want to change the world all across the developed world who blithely buy Che t-shirts. These same people would no doubt line up to buy this stuff in a heartbeat. And in doing so, it would be a win for everyone: after all, a few accents of mango, papaya and even talcum powder would have greatly improved the atmosphere at the notably insalubrious OWS camps in Washington and New York back in those halcyon days of 2011 when OWS was going to change politics forever and bring the system to its knees.

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