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Smart Diplomacy
State Dept.: Obama "Open to Conversations" with Iran about ISIS

The Obama Administration seems to be less-than-opposed to some form of interaction with Iran regarding the threat of ISIS. Speaking to Wolf Blitzer last night, State Department spokeswoman “categorically reject[ed]” the idea that the US would cooperate with Bashar al-Assad’s forces in Syria, but was somewhat less insistent on the subject of Iran [transcript via National Review]:

“What about Iran?” Blitzer asked, claiming that Secretary of State John Kerry has already suggested “coordination” between the United States and the Shiite theocracy.
“Well, not coordination,” Harf said. “What he’s suggesting is that we’re open to conversations with them. We’ve already had a few on the sidelines on the nuclear negotiations we had the last few months in Vienna, where we talked to them about Iraq. Because they know ISIL poses a threat to them as well.”
“So we’re open to that conversation,” she continued. “We won’t be coordinating with them, either. But they certainly have a role to play here, if they can support the new, inclusive government in Iraq . . . We are open to having a conversation with them about this shared threat.”
Harf specified that the United States wants Iran to “support” the Iraqi government and Kurdish forces fighting the Islamic State — likely a reference to military assistance as well as political and economic aid.
These words raise the question of whether, at this late hour, the Administration is still holding out hope for its grand bargain with Iran—American recognition of Iranian’s regional ambitions in return for the cessation of Iran’s its nuclear program. Whatever the Administration intends, statements like these disquiet the Sunnis, the very people whom Obama has been recruiting for the fight against ISIS. While ISIS is indeed a grave threat, the Sunni countries and tribes whom we are trying to recruit will not necessarily be keen to let Iran in the back door as they kick ISIS out the front.
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  • Arkeygeezer

    Obama has no choice, Iran already has boots on the ground in Iraq fighting with the Kurdish forces. The Kurds asked the U.S. for help. The U.S. refused to help the Kurds directly and imposed a restriction that arms would be provided to the Iraqi government for reshipment to the Kurds. The Kurds then asked everyone else for help and Iran responded, supplying arms, advisors, and troops to the Kurds.

    Real smart diplomacy.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Why are we even talking to these Jihadists? We should have destroyed their entire energy industry long ago and put the entire country on foot and in the dark, just like the 7th century they want to return too so much. We should let the Sunni Jihadists focus all their resources killing the Shiite Jihadists, and vice versa. Everyone in the west would be much safer if they have no resources left for murdering innocent men, women, and children in the west. Obama continues to show what an idiot he is by getting involved, and giving the Jihadists a unifying target in the American Infidels from the Great Satan. I don’t think Obama even knows the definition of the word “Strategy”.

  • Fat_Man

    Obama’s desperation to give the store to Iran is so pathetic, that the Mullahs must be rolling on the floor laughing at him.

  • Corlyss

    You can’t seriously believe Doofus will have any more success with Iran than he has had for the last 5+ years!!!! Nobody could be that gullible

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