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Middle East
Iran Stonewalling UN on Nukes

Iran is definitely not cooperating on the nuclear issueReuters:

An IAEA report obtained by Reuters showed that little substantive headway had so far been made in the U.N. agency’s long-running investigation into what it calls the possible military dimensions of Iran’s nuclear programme.

The Islamic Republic has implemented just three of five nuclear transparency steps that it was supposed to by Aug. 25 under a confidence-building deal it reached with the IAEA in November, according to the quarterly report.

Crucially, it has not provided information on the two issues that are part of the IAEA’s investigation: alleged experiments on explosives that could be used for an atomic device, and studies related to calculating nuclear explosive yields.

The report said Iran, where a president seen as pragmatic took office in 2013 and revived diplomacy with the West, told the IAEA last week that most suspicions over its programme were “mere allegations and do not merit consideration”.

A Vienna-based diplomat called that statement “worrying”.

The IAEA had also observed via satellite imagery “ongoing construction activity” at Iran’s Parchin military base, the report said. Western officials believe Iran once conducted explosive tests there of relevance in developing a nuclear weapon and has sought to “cleanse” it of evidence since then. Iran has long denied U.N. nuclear inspectors access to the base.

Worrying indeed.

There is no way the U.S. Congress will accept any kind of nuclear deal with Iran before this case is closed. Failure to comply with its own agreement to resolve these issues suggests either that whoever has the final say in Iran’s complicated and bitter internal wrangling over this issue doesn’t think reaching a comprehensive agreement in November is either practical or desirable. The mixed signals from Iran—continuing to reduce its reported uranium stockpile while blowing off the IAEA—suggest that the authorities want another extension of the temporary agreement, presumably with some more sanctions relief.

There are lots of reasons why this makes sense from Iran’s point of view. With the U.S. obviously floundering in the face of ISIS, Iran may feel it has little to fear from stepped up U.S. pressure and that, as time passes, Americans will come to what Iranians would regard as their senses and realize that an alliance with Iran is the only hope to stabilize the Middle East.

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  • rheddles

    Iran has never intended to comply. The mullahs want nukes and they will get them, unless stopped by someone. The best chance was in ’09 during the domestic unrest. Obama squandered that opportunity.

    • Mejust

      Don’t you know why those two issues are not resolved yet?
      Let me tell you. Because 5+1 say “Iran must admit it because we can not prove it!”
      Is there anything more ridiculous than that?

  • Duperray

    And what if ISIS and Iran combine their forces against West? Against non-believers, all muslims must gather.

  • FriendlyGoat

    America is not going to have any alliance with Iran. They’re Islamic, remember?

    Yes, Shiite, we know. Not Sunni.

    But the enemy of our enemy (ISIL) is not our friend. Silly to entertain it.

  • John Tyler

    why on earth should Iran pay any attention to the UN at all? If they did, it would demonstrate their stupidity.
    EVERYBODY knows that Iran can develop all the nukes they choose and nobody (aside from Israel) will do a damn thing about it.
    Obama is a joke. So are the Europeans. Russia and China trade with Iran and will stand to benefit if any sanctions upon Iran are imposed by the weeny, chicken-little Europeans and the communist-hate-America-first president, Ocommie.
    If I were Iran, I would proceed at light-speed to develop hundreds of nukes, all while the laziest and most dishonest american president in US history is still in office.
    Get ready to see the rise of the new Axis Powers; Russia and Iran, and their background aider and abettor, China.
    NATO and the USA are rightfully recognized today as paper tigers; all talk (sort of) and having the cohones of a garden slug.

  • S.C. Schwarz

    It doesn’t matter what Congress will or will not accept. Iran will do as they like because they know Obama will do nothing. What is Congress going to do, bomb Iran with the Congressional Air Force?

  • ChangeIranNow

    Any discussions in nuclear talks have to take into account the entire lifecycle of the nuclear weapon from fuel enrichment to warhead design to delivery system to guidance. By holding on to delivery systems and in an earlier statement by Khamenei on enrichment, the world knows in clear and simple terms that Iran is focused on possessing nuclear weapons. These talks are simply a way for Iran to stall in order to continue development and gain concessions such as the release of billions in frozen assets without having to give up anything. The P5+1 are pretty much united in not wanting to give Iran this capability so at the end of the day, we’re not going to get an agreement and Rouhani has proven to be a mere puppet to Khamenei without an independent moderate bone in his body.

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