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Deadly Disease
In Liberia, Concealing Ebola Victims Is a Crime

The number of Ebola cases spiked last week: from 635 to 759 infected, an alarming 20 percent increase in just 8 days. With 467 people dead of the disease, and the toll rising, West African countries are growing more and more desperate to control the outbreak. Myths about the deadly virus remain persistent in these countries, and relatives of the infected often do not take the necessary precautions. Now one head of state is threatening anyone who conceals an Ebola victim with arrest, reports the BBC:

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has warned that anyone caught hiding suspected Ebola virus disease (EVD) patients will be prosecuted.

She told state radio that some patients had been kept in homes and churches instead of receiving medical attention.

Sierra Leone issued a similar warning last week, saying some patients had left hospital and gone into hiding.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has organized a meeting of 11 African countries in Ghana to discuss the containment of the disease. As the Liberian President’s announcement shows, it is no easy task, and growing more difficult by the day.

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  • Corlyss

    Great! I bet they have a ban on civilian gun ownership too . . .

    • B-Sabre
      It’s classed as “restrictive” of gun ownership, and apparently purchase of firearms by civilians is prohibited…but I have a hard time seeing how that is connected to the problem of containing an Ebola outbreak….

      • Corlyss

        Both are pointless “feel-good” legislation unconnected with the real world. Fact is, most failed nations have highly restrictive gun laws at the same time as AK-47s belong to every adult male in country.

  • Calvin Sanders

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