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Jonathan Galassi on the Futurists

When no values are worth fighting for, all that matters is the fight itself, and victory, no matter what the cause. It’s both a understandable and eminently dangerous sentiment that has led to much suffering in the 20th century.

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  • Boritz

    This article is beyond my poor edgeoccasion but it seems to be saying that elites like war because war really shakes things up and the elites are so bored that they treasure the entertainment value. My recommendation: That’s what HBO is for.

  • Thirdsyphon

    The Futurist vision (war, speed, youth, machines, turbulence, fearlessness, cruelty, omniscience, and the collapse of space and time) seems to have sneakily resurrected itself in the form of online gaming. I say “sneakily” because almost no online gamers have any idea what “Futurism” is, and almost nobody who does know what Futurism is is an online gamer. But still. It’s hard to read an article like this without immediately spotting the connection between the Futurists’ “red vacation” and the gamers’ “yellow coat”.

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