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LGBT Group Targets Pro-Gay Marriage Professor

A national LGBT activist group called GetEQUAL has launched a campaign against University of Virginia law professor Douglas Laycock for producing research that could hurt “progressive causes” like gay marriage. But this latest chapter in the culture wars is especially bizarre: Laycock supports gay marriage, and the group targeting him refers to him as a moderate. But he has also supported religious liberty exemptions like SB 1062, the infamous Arizona bill vetoed by the state’s Governor. It would have allowed individuals to use religious freedom as a defense against private discrimination suits brought against them in court. 

As local news site C-Ville reports, the fact that some conservatives have picked up Laycock’s pro-religious liberty arguments is enough to get him on the hit list. GetEQUAL is running a “national e-mail campaign calling out Laycock for his role in shoring up the legal arguments of those who support ‘religious bigotry.'” And supported by GetEQUAL, two UVA students have filed a Freedom of Information Act request for Laycock’s personal records. The Richmond Times-Dispatch:

In an open letter to the professor, [students Greg] Lewis and [Stephanie] Montenegro said that while they respect Laycock’s right to academic freedom, they believe his writings supporting controversial religious freedom laws are holding back such progressive causes as access to contraceptives and gay marriage. […]

Lewis and Montenegro are seeking, among other things, university-funded travel expenses and cellphone records for the past 2½ years. The students wrote that the request — a copy of which was sent to The Daily Progress — was in the public interest, seeking “a full, transparent accounting of the resources used by Professor Laycock which may be going towards halting the progress of the LGBT community and to erode the reproductive rights of women across the country.”

This is the new principle of campus free speech: Not only do you have to have the right views, but you cannot produce research that could be used by those with the wrong views.

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  • Silverfiddle

    The leftwing, intolerant, un-diverse, progressive beast will end up eating itself, and it will be a delightful spectacle to watch

    • bigfire

      Too bad they’ll take the rest of the society with them.

    • Dan

      as long as it doesnt eat the rest of us first

  • gabrielsyme

    Not only do you have to have the right views, but you cannot produce research that could be used by those with the wrong views.

    Ah, but Laycock doesn’t have the right views. Laycock believes in pluralism, in preserving the rights of conscience of the minority. Nothing could be further from the mind of our new secularist masters. In the minds of many secularists, the princpal goods of gay marriage and the contraceptive mandate are their utility in attacking religious communities.

  • qet

    I always see a deeper motivation at work in cases like this–the need to satisfy an unmanageable urge to egotism and narcissism. Far more important to these two kids than any issue is the drive to see and feel themselves being “activists.” For two kids who don’t yet know anything about anything to contrive for themselves the opportunity to have published statements as supercilious as “while we respect so-and-so’s right to academic freedom, we believe &c &c &c” must be a source of tremendous emotional and probably physical satisfaction to them. Their respect means nothing; no one (other than maybe some of their fellow “activist” students) even desires their meaningless respect. So they pick a popular grievance and execute the standard playbook. They get their 15 minutes. Laycock just happened to be the fly that got caught in their web; if it hadn’t been him, another would have been readily found.

  • Vadim Pashkov

    we should start using term ” progressive bigotry”, LGBT bigotry ets

  • Diws

    I’m seriously starting to wonder if this is where tolerance leads us – an escalating series of demands which can never really be satisfied.

  • AllanDale

    Actually, this intolerance of the “other” was chronicled in the 1950 study “The Authoritarian Personality” which listed as typical components of the object of the study exaggerated concerns about sexuality and a preoccupation with conventional appearances, hence the anger at being defined as anything less than “normal.”

  • Curious Mayhem

    These people don’t belong in a university at all. If they keep up the harrassment, they should be expelled. Lacking any backbone, the administrators won’t do the right thing. This is why the leftward drift of universities continues. The pressure on anyone who doesn’t conform is intense.

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