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Dromedaries of Doom
MERS Virus Travels by Camel

Saudi Arabia has warned its citizens to wear gloves and face masks when tending to camels, says Reuters. Experts believe that the beasts are carriers of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome virus, which has killed nearly 150 people and infected around 500 in the kingdom. The Saudi government also warned people to boil camel meat and milk before eating.

Not everyone in the county is willing to keep his distance from his beloved beasts, reports Gulf News (a Dubai-based paper). One man has even posted a video on YouTube in which he hugs and kisses his camels, scoffing at the government’s concerns.

The virus doesn’t spread too easily via human contact, which is fortunate. However, in this day and age, an infected person can get on a plane and wind up anywhere. We’ve already seen cases appear in Malaysia, Greece, and most recently Indiana: Now Florida has confirmed the second “imported” case of MERS within U.S. borders.

It’s scary how swiftly deadly diseases can be transported to our doorstep. But here’s one small consolation: At least the U.S. doesn’t import very many camels.

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  • Breif2

    Gloves, face masks, and condoms.

  • neuropean

    I disagree with referring to the camels as “beasts” (seems editorialized), just call it as it is: New coronavirus has been in Middle East, a couple infected people traveled here.

    The CDC has been following it closely and is “well prepared” already. Virologists that I know are not very worried due to the poor transmission rate in people and increased surveillance of the disease.

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