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Blue Civil War
Winter Is Coming for Wisconsin's Unions

Democrats have given up on campaigning against Scott Walker’s historic victory over public sector unions, says the Wall Street Journal. The Democrats’ gubernatorial candidate in Wisconsin, Mary Burke, has declared that she won’t base her campaign on another attempt at repeal. The WSJ:

As Democrats see it, there is no realistic path to victory over Mr. Walker in November by building a campaign around restoring Wisconsin’s public-employee unions to their former status. That fight has been fought—and lost, many Democrats said. Mr. Walker won a recall election in 2012 that was largely a referendum on his tussles with the unions.

[… Burke] doesn’t say she would repeal the law [that cut back union benefits], called Act 10. Nor does she favor lifting the requirements that many public employees contribute more to health and pension benefits.

[…] Instead, she said she would work to reinstate collective-bargaining rights that were rolled back.

Burke says that she will also focus on Wisconsin’s employment growth rate, which has lagged behind every Midwestern state’s except Illinois’s during Walker’s tenure.

As we noted earlier today, Democratic support for public sector unions is waning in another state: California. One Democratic candidate for state Superintendent of Education favors rolling back some of the state’s teacher tenure rules. He also thinks that the teachers’ unions have too much influence over schools in general.

If Wisconsin and California are turning away from public sector unions, you know they’re in big trouble.

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  • Tom Servo

    This story, for some reason, reminded me of a Boris Karloff movie ; “DIe, Monster, Die!!!”

    • DiogenesDespairs

      There are crossroads everywhere, and midnight comes every 24 hours. Let’s all start cutting and sharpening oaken stakes.

  • S.C. Schwarz

    Just because she isn’t campaigning on the issue doesn’t mean she won’t do it. Remember Obama’s campaign promises?

  • gunsmithkat

    All public sector unions should die. There is no responsible counter party in their negotiations.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    The Labor Gang Monopolies should face antitrust laws, as things now stand they can extort money and benefits out of their employers, by threatening to put them out of business. “That’s a Nice business you have there, I’d be a shame if something happened to it.”

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