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Pak-Saudi Alliance
Pakistan Looks to Sell Weapons to Saudi Arabia

Foreign Policy and National Security Advisor Sartaj Aziz recently gave an interview meant to emphasize Pakistan’s ties with both Iran and Saudi Arabia, but in the midst of it he also disclosed that Pakistan is looking to sell small arms and fighter jets to Saudi Arabia. This makes Pakistan’s continued pretense of neutrality between the two regional rivals look increasingly farcical. Dawn Newspaper has the report:

When asked if Pakistan would supply arms to Syria, Aziz said at this point in time there was no Syria-specific agreement, adding that Pakistan was making efforts to sell small arms and fighter jets to Saudi Arabia.

The prime minister’s adviser said that like any country with a flourishing arms industry, Pakistan was trying to sell its arms and there was nothing dubious about Saudi Arabia’s interest in [purchasing] weapons from Pakistan.

He further reiterated the government’s claim of Pakistan’s neutral stance on the Syria issue.

These protestations of neutrality have been belied by several other recent events: a $1.5 billion “gift” from Saudi Arabia to shore up Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves and delays in the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline, to name just two important ones. This new realignment, so far under-reported, will have tremendous consequences for the region, affecting not just the war in Syria, but Afghanistan and the contested Kashmir region as well.

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  • PKCasimir

    This is a joke left over from April 1st, right? The only indigenous Pakistani fighter plane is the JF-17, a multi-role fighter developed and produced jointly with China. It was designed to be a low cost fighter for a Pakistan that can’t afford modern top of the line fighters. It’s cheap because it has an inferior engine, radar, and avionics. It wouldn’t last five minutes in any conflict with modern Western or Soviet fighters. So why would Saudi Arabia, a country with access to the Typhoon, F-15, F-16, and every other sophisticated fighter in the world, and the means to pay for them, buy a piece of inferior junk from a nation that has absolutely no experience building modern fighter jets? Or, why would the Saudi Arabia National Guard which is armed with Heckler & Koch assault rifles, buy a some Pakistani junk to replace them? By the way, the Pakistani army also is equipped with Heckler & Koch assault rifles.

    • B-Sabre

      It would be a form of subsidy, disguised as a ‘arms purchase’. The Saudi’s wouldn’t care if the arms ended up rusting in the desert. It further binds the Pakistani’s to their side.
      There’s also the hook that the JF-17 was, as you pointed out, developed by China. Saudi Arabia is probably looking to diversify their arms suppliers beyond the “usual suspects” in the West, who have proven so craven (in Saudi eyes) regarding Syria.

      • PKCasimir

        And of just what use would the Pakistani JF-17s be to Syrian rebels? If Saudi Arabia wanted to provide subsidies to Pakistan there are a number of ways to do it – phony weapons purchases would be the last resort. No, the whole notion of arms sales to Saudi Arabia by Pakistan is just ludicrous, on any level. If, as you say, the Saudis are looking to diversify their weapons suppliers, the last nation they would go to is Pakistan.

        • B-Sabre

          Who said anything about the JF-17s going to Syrian rebels? I sure as hell didn’t, so don’t put words in my mouth. If anything, the purchase is to buy a constituency (the state-owned arms industry) in Pakistan that will not want any policy changes to threaten arms sales (or the promise of future arms sales). Look how far backwards the French and British bend when the Saudis whip out the checkbook. And since the arms industries are owned by the military, it might make a convenient channel to funnel bribes to key members of the armed forces.

          And the weapons supplier the Saudis may really be interested in is China, the partner in JF-17 production. The US is never going to sell the Saudis F-22s, but the Chinese may sell them JF-20s.

  • Zameer Ahmed

    Mother chud India and Israel kuttar bachha

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