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Obamacare Fail
Hill Staffers Flee Obamacare

The commentariat is busy poring over the latest enrollment numbers for clues on Obamacare’s future, but on Capitol Hill, the verdict is already in. A poll of Hill staffers found that the vast majority are seriously concerned about their health plans under Obamacare—so concerned, in fact, that many of them may be driven to seek new jobs. As The Hill reports, of the 38 percent of staffers who are planning to get a new job next year, over two-thirds cited healthcare costs as a major reason.

The prospect of living under the same laws as the rest of the country must be hideous. We suspect laws requiring politicians’ kids to attend public school would have a similar effect. Blue governance increasingly involves members of the upper classes writing laws and setting policies for lower-income people—laws they reject for themselves. Obamacare is only one example.

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  • qet

    This is absolutely great news for the Republic. I have long believed that the simplest and most effective way to achieve all manner of legal reform–tort reform, regulatory reform–would be to repeal the doctrine of sovereign immunity. Let the State answer to the same tort and regulatory standards as the rest of us, and see how long those standards would last!

    • Andrew Allison

      Requiring Congress to live by the laws it imposes on the rest of us would be faster and cheaper.

  • Boritz

    setting policies for lower-income people–TAI

    This is a two tier system. The underclass gets subsidies, stamps, credits while the middle class takes it squarely on the chin.

  • Bill Bradbrooke

    Perhaps this chilling encounter with realty will provide the impetus on Capitol Hill to fix the law for all Americans. I’m hopeful.

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